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This Month's Featured Gen Z'er
Featured Gen Z – Morissa Schwartz

Featured Gen Z – Morissa Schwartz

I am so happy to say that THE Morissa Schwartz had an interview with me! Morissa is the January Featured GenZ from

Morissa does it all. She is an author, singer, writer, publisher, businesswoman, entrepreneur, mentor, leader, and role model. I am proud to say that Morissa Schwartz is the voice of Generation Z.

This is Morissa Schwartz, also of Gen Z Publishing’s question and answer video for our interview. Make sure you watch the whole video, she cracked me and my mom up lol. She is a natural. After we talked on the phone, I sent her some interview questions and asked her not to read them before making the video. She didn’t peak at the questions before time and it makes the video natural and real. We were so happy to meet Lester & hear all the interesting things about you.

Thank you, Morissa for the time you spent talking to me and making this video for our GenZInsider subscribers and fans. It was an adventure!

If you aren’t already connected with or following Morissa, check out some of her links below. She is so nice, friendly, funny, charismatic, smart, and she is doing great things for Gen Z. She is a real Gen Z Role model and I am happy I got to talk to her. Oh, and pretty soon we can add Dr. to her list as she is going to be, Dr. Morissa Schwartz when she graduates from school.
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