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Dyslexic Kid Writes a Book!

Dyslexic Kid Writes a Book!

Dyslexic Child Author Sky Rota

Look Mom, Im the Dumest One in My Clas!”
By Sky Rota

Did you know,
“Sixty-six percent of disabled students in grade 3 reported some bullying”, and most of the students had learning disabilities like ADHD and autism”?

So why are disabled kids vulnerable to bullying??

Possibly because they are perceived as looking or acting differently from their peers.

I know exactly how this feels because I was bullied.

The only difference between me and most kids that are bullied, I was bullied by my 2 classroom teachers.

I wrote my book,”Look Mom, Im the Dumest One in My Clas!” based on my horrific first hand experience!

Everyone who has been bullied has their own story & this is my story.

Bullies come in many shapes & sizes & they don’t discriminate.

I wrote this book to show my strength.

As a way to fight back!

I wasn’t always as strong as I feel today & I still have a lot of anxiety since I was bullied, but I’m fighting my way back.

I’m not letting the bullies win!

This book is a fantastic tool for everyone to read.

I recommend teachers to read it, as it may give some guidance as to how to treat not just learning disabled kids in their classroom but kids who may need a bit of extra help. This book is meant to be used as a tool to show what not to do to kids & how you can help them to bring out their strengths in your classroom.

I want kids to know they are not alone in this struggle.

I know when I was doing horrible in school & then found out I was Dyslexic & had ADHD I felt like I was stupid & the only kid going through this. I thought school was easy for every one but me..

I know now, that is not the case.

More kids than ever have an IEP (individual Education Plan) and the way they teach in regular school doesn’t work for lots of us, especially the different thinkers.

I hope the education system in our country starts to recognize the issues with our school system being so far behind our life-style today. Everything has gotten so much faster & technology is everywhere but not enough in the schools. Kids are moving way faster than schools today. Schools also must start to hire engaging interesting teachers. Kids need more than just opening up a book & turning to page 23 & reading alone, Or copying notes. They need to be spoken to or shown video tutorials or engaged in conversation.

We need to hire Creative, engaging & interesting teachers who want to teach & learn from their students!

We must do something to change the old Idea that Everyone learns the same exact way, and the kids who can’t learn that way are considered “disabled” like me. Why am I disabled because I can’t learn like the rest of the world? It is absurd to think that we all learn the exact same way.

How could anyone think there is ONLY one way to learn!

I know my book is going to help a lot of kids feel like someone gets them. Someone who went through what they may be going through in school & at home with homework marathons & having parents not understand what is going on. Someone who understands how it feels to not get your own school work. How you feel stupid or dumb in your class & sadly what it feels like to be bullied daily for different reasons.

I want these kids to feel empowered by my book.

I want parents to wake up

& stop being in denial
& teach your kids that it is ok to be different!
And to keep advocating for your children..
I want teachers to know you will Not get away with bullying us!
I want kids to know it’s not ok to bully us for being different or for any reason at all.

If we own our differences, No one can make us feel badly about them..

Embrace your difference!
Be proud that you are not like everyone else, who wants to be the same as everyone any way?!!
I know I don’t!!

If you ever need to contact me, feel free to reach out on my contact page..
I’ll always get back to you..

And remember, you are Not alone!



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