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Are You Having Coronavirus Dreams or Nightmares?

My family has been sharing their dreams, or are they Coronavirus induced nightmares?

I’m thinking more on the nightmare end.

I don’t remember anyone in my family sharing our very specific dreams on a daily basis before this pandemic.

I’m not talking just a pinch of a memory,  but full blown vivid dreams from beginning to end. 

The more friends we ask, “are u having bad dreams since this pandemic/quarantine? 

The friends we ask don’t just give a yes or no answer but tell us the full description of their traumatic nightmares. 

It’s like we are living some form of PTSD in our daily lives. 

No idea how much therapy we will all require from this trauma, stress & anxieties we are living with. 

It seems all our fears are being escalated. 

The one common factor between all the cases we have heard is they are all very weird. 

I’ll share one “weird” dream my sister had:

“I was looking at myself in the bathroom mirror & I pulled a big screw out of the top of my head & then huge “U” shaped metal bars started coming out of my mouth. As I was catching them out of my mouth I saw they were the permanent braces I have on the back of my teeth but 10 times bigger than what is currently there.”

My sisters explanation for her bad dream;

“I assume I’m afraid & it’s on my mind that if my permanent braces break or fall off I can’t go to the orthodontist to get them fixed or replaced because they are closed during quarantine”. 

It seems these bad dreams/nightmares are 

playing on our fears. 

Lots of the dreams I hear about are regarding being in quarantine and the strange people we are quarantined with etc. 

The bad dreams/stories vary, however they are all equally bizarre. 

“I’m afraid to go to sleep!”

And I’m not ashamed to admit it. 

It turns out, it’s not just happening to my family & friends: 

“Some dream experts believe that withdrawal from our usual environments and daily stimuli has left dreamers with a dearth of “inspiration,” forcing our subconscious minds to draw more heavily on themes from our past”.

I would steer clear of watching any scary/horror movies like (the babadook) at this present time as our life is offering us enough horror for a lifetime or 10.  

Stay in & stay safe, 

Sky Rota 

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