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Coronavirus Generation, The Home Improvement Experts

With everything closed during the quarantine my Mothers favorite line is, “Don’t get hurt, the hospitals are closed!” “Don’t break anything there is no one to come & fix it!”

This is not much different than how we always lived. My Mother’s favorite line has always been, “if you get hurt, (doing something stupid) I’m not taking you to the hospital!”

So we are used to this. 

My siblings & I are also very handy with just about anything we need fixed around the house, we figure it out. 

We are also fantastic at building things, not just LEGO models lol. 

While having 5 people living in our house 24/7 for over a month during quarantine, things are likely going to break. Not to mention all the things we have to build that we ordered to work out with & play with while being stuck in. 

The moment we found out San Francisco went on quarantine lock down we knew it was only a matter of days we would be loosing all our freedoms as well. 

My sisters being the (professional shoppers they are) ordered an enormous total body home gym that had like 3,000 pieces to put together because they knew our gym would be closing & we all need a place to work out.

My mother wasn’t opposed to this idea as she figured it would give the 4 of us something to do while on quarantine & do it together. 

That being said, we got the last machine around & it took 4 of us to carry all the pieces to our basement & my twin sisters 8 hours to build. Did I mention, not one argument for 8 hours! That in itself is a huge feat. 

This was a voluntary DIY project. 

We have experienced quite a few other, “Non voluntary” projects of the emergency kind! 

Like when all of the sudden our garage door wouldn’t shut.

No idea how it came unplugged!

Who’s coming to fix this?

No one! 

It turns out, the plug fell out of the outlet. 

This may sound like it’s not a big deal, but the outlet is in the ceiling & the ceilings are like 15 feet high. How are we getting this plugged back in?! ?

Thank goodness we put our heads together & figured we would back our tallest car ? into the garage “a Jeep” and climb up on its roof & plug the garage doors cord back in. 

Btw, this was all planned behind our mothers back because knew she would freak out on us for these shenanigans!

She walked in mid way through & caught us.. 

She saw that we were being safe & wasn’t crazy angry. 

Then there was the day we were power washing the yard deck & the hose faucet got stuck in the on position. 

How does this stuff all decide to break when we are using it. Now we have to tell our mother we can’t turn the hose off & it’s on full blast! 

We called a friend who came over masked & all and shut our main water supply. 

Now we had no water. 

Thank goodness our Plumber, Shusters Plumbing is making emergency plumbing house calls during quarantine or we would have no water! 

We are all learning to be even more resourceful than we were before the Corona quarantine. 

It’s never been a better time to be resourceful, even though I really hope nothing else decides to break.?‍♂️

Stay in & stay safe,

Sky Rota 

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