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Coronavirus Hoarding, Where’s ALL the Toilet Paper?

I never thought I’d be talking about toilet paper, at least not in a serious way…

but it’s time, cause ours is about to run out!  

Have they stopped making toilet paper during the Coronavirus pandemic?

Are people using more TP during the quarantine?

Is everyone quarantined having stomach issues from stress, and thats what’s causing the shortage?


“One reason is because people are hoarding. Some were stockpiling last month in advance of city and state lockdown orders. It’s a common reaction in times of a crisis, when consumers feel a need for control and security.” 

All I know is my Mom is starting to panic as we are going down to our last 4 rolls.

Why is that scary? 

Because We have 5 people living in our house. ? ? 

When the pandemic hit, my mother didn’t panic shop & she isn’t a hoarder.  

I’m assuming We have always had plenty of TP as I don’t remember us ever running out nor do I remember my mother ever being stressed over running out of toilet paper! 

When the pandemic went viral, literally & figuratively, My mom shopped regularly as she said, the world isn’t running out of food & paper goods, so there is no reason to hoard toilet paper or groceries. 

That was over 1 month ago!

My mother shops weekly as she only leaves the house every 7 days. 

She hits Rite Aid on her way to the Acme and 

she has not been able to buy toilet paper at either location for over 4 weeks.

She’s beginning to panic! 


Where is the toilet paper?

Are people still panic buying??

“Toilet paper is almost nowhere to be found” during pandemic”

This is how bad things are getting: 

“On Monday night, three police cars sat outside a CVS in northwest Washington, lights flashing, while officers stood in the doorway of the drugstore, watching the unboxing of a delivery of Cottonelle.”

This is a problem, 

When I started to research, where is all the toilet paper? 

Companies said, 

“We’re breaking some production records,” he said. “We’re trying to crank it out fast as we can.”

But you wouldn’t know it after visiting local supermarkets and pharmacies, where some aisles look like something you’d imagine in communist Cuba or Venezuela.”

All I can say is my mother is right.. after this pandemic/quarantine/trauma I’m gonna have tons of stories to tell my children & grandchildren & they aren’t going to really believe me & they will laugh about these issues like I do when my mom tells me her stories.. only thing is, mine are all true!! 

Currently, my moms stories can’t compare to what we are living through daily. 

And now we are adding toilet paper extinction to the list ??‍♂️and it’s not even a joke! 

I just thought of a prank roll of TP we have with images of Spiders on it that I used to

freak my sisters out with. I’m gonna go hide that Incase things really go bad! ??

Stay in & stay safe,

Sky Rota 

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