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Gen Zers Mantra: Anything is Possible


I will never get used to seeing my face highlighted in an article online!

No, i take that back, Never say Never!

Back in December I wrote to asking if I could be a member of their BrainTrust community.
I had no idea what the criteria was for becoming a member.
All I know is that I wanted what was then a “Gold Box” box under certain people’s names & I wanted one too! (Now a blue box)

I tried to be as much of a regular poster as possible while in 8th grade.

I wrote to the founder Rick Moss & asked if I could be a member of the Brain Trust Community.

To my surprise he wrote back to this “dyslexic, adhd, learning disabled 13 yr old kid”
Basically Saying I was welcome to become a BrainTrust Member.
Me, I’m going to have that “Gold Box” under my name with all the other older CEO’s & industry leaders?!


Today we have access to a million motivational quotes on Instagram.

My life is a living breathing motivational quote.

I don’t let anything hold me back!
I let the haters & doubters & the ones who say negative things to me be my fuel!!

Let’s just say, i have a lot of fuel!

My mother always tells me not to look down, to always look up, cause that’s where I’m going!


Sky Rota

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