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It’s Corona Quarantine Graduation Season!

Well, it was supposed to be…but even my twin sisters Virtual graduation was cancelled! 

My identical twin sisters were supposed to have a virtual/Zoom graduation from Jefferson University Nursing School BSN Fact 1 program which basically is them becoming RN’s (registered nurses) on Friday May 15th, but it was cancelled until further notice. 

No idea why it was cancelled. 

A lot has changed in one year. 

My sisters started this very rigorous elite nursing program 1 year ago & look how much has changed since then.

When you tell people today that your sisters are graduation Nursing school & are RN’s, People may say things like, omg that’s terrible, that’s so sad or I’m so sorry.

Its kinda crazy!

Its about the times we are living in today, not about the field in general.

Before this pandemic most people would prob say; “Congratulations & That’s Great!, Amazing! Wonderful News! Good for them!

Now people just give their condolences like nursing is a death sentences & you’re going to work with leper’s!

In today’s world people are afraid to be around nurses outside of a hospital setting. 

It’s really terrible how they have been marked & treated through this pandemic. 

Nurses have sadly been looked at in different ways through the pandemic, people are indifferent about their feelings towards them. 

We have read horror stories of people seeing  nurses on a bus & spraying them with Lysol & treating them terribly when they are seen wearing their scrubs.

They are being accused of spreading the virus & many other horrific acts towards our first responders. 

Let me tell you something, if you got sick, you would be kissing up to a nurse to help u! 

So Treat them with the respect they deserve as they are willing to put their lives on the line for all of us! 

My family & I couldn’t be more proud of my sisters as they have the courage most people will never know. 

They are running into the fire!

How many people will you know in your lifetime that are willing to do this to save others..

You go girlies!!?‍♀️


You are the true Super Hero’s, Marvels got nothing on you!!

(Ps:  We stuck with My sisters graduation regardless of cancellation!)

Stay in & Stay safe, 

Sky Rota 

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