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Love Delivery? Try GoPuff, Not Just for Millennials

Go Puff snack deliveryAre you a kid without a drivers license?

Are you looking to have snacks delivered to your front door?

Do you want to buy 3 kinds of ice cream & chips for yourself & sour patch kids & Reese cups for your mom but she doesn’t want to drive you?

Are you sick of that WaWa cashier saying, “you are really hitting the snacks hard tonight!”

Sounds like you are looking for a Non-Judgmental Shopping experience. is exactly what you have been waiting for, and they will get all the stuff you want & get it to you in 30 minutes in some areas.

Oh & they will even bring the cat food your dad forgot to get on his way home.

I’m talking Uber on Snacks!

Yes, Millennials are using GoPuff delivery for those over 21 items as well, but Generation Zers
are right behind them ordering snacks & grocery items they can’t go buy because they don’t drive yet & probably love the convenience of delivery more than Millennials.

Anyone who will deliver Karamel Sutra Core, Pringles & Nerd Ropes to my house on a Saturday night while I’m watching movies is a Winner in my book.
Add on an Ice Coffee for my dad & He’s paying!

Like I say in my new book, “Can we get that Delivered?”

Oh, and did I mention these guys are from my City of Philly? Cutting edge entrepreneurs always popping up in Philadelphia!

Sky Rota (7th Grader)

Sky Rota is the founder of &
I'm a 13-year-old dyslexic Blogger, Vlogger & Gen Z Consultant who is a luxury & Super car enthusiast. I blog & vlog about everything that is going on in our world today.
I'm looking to highlight the strengths of gen zers & share them with the world, as well as consult with companies & brands on futurizing themselves in order to win generation Zer's attention.

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