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2020 Presidential Election to Close to Call!

More like a literal dumpster fire!

One good thing to come of this train wreck of an election, “The 2020 Election Set a Record for Voter Turnout.”

It is currently day 3 after Election Day & we still don’t have a New President.

The race has been insanely close in so many states. Six states remain too close to call. 

So we wait….

The news coverage is on 24/7 following the ballots being counted & now we are hearing there are lawsuits being served due to suspicion of fraud going on by poll watchers. 

People are asking: Is everyone watching, 

The United States, “Season Finally” tonight? 

The race now centers on ArizonaNevadaGeorgiaPennsylvania and North Carolina.

It’s really insane, and that says a lot as we are still in the year 2020. 

Officially the longest year EVER!

To be continued……

Stay safe,

Sky Rota 

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