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Straight A’s

College has been going pretty well. I’m a commuter because I live in the City of Philadelphia & it’s just a quick drive, nothing like the hour & a half to school I had to endure for the past 9 years.
I didn’t need to live on campus.
As far as my classes, I’m not saying I didn’t fail a class or drop a class, as I have done both. And I also didn’t know that I shoulda dropped the class before I failed it (Math)!
But now I know.
I learned from my mistakes & at the end of the day that’s all we can do is learn & move on.

I have a few very interesting teachers. Some have done it all & are also very educated & now trying to give back. A few are a bit strange, but I’m here to listen & learn.
I can tell you that I have met the most genuinely friendly selfless kids ever. They are literally all so nice, I thought they were pranking me. They are always eager to help & share with me if I have any questions about work. Doesn’t matter what time of night, they are always willing to give me a hand. They don’t know I’m severely learning-disabled or that I only went to school for learning-disabled kids. They are just genuinely kind. I’m usually the most helpful, kind person in my class so it’s surprising to meet kids like me who want to help & share, like teammates. We do teamwork as well. I’m a team player & usually a leader, so they are always projects I can do with no problem.

I have my ideas in motion & I’m learning who I can bring them to. That’s why I came to this school & program, to network with the right people to get my ideas off the ground.

The future is looking bright!


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