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Streaming Services; Who Will Win The War?

Times are already pretty ridiculous, now add the Streaming Service Wars to this mix of home life.

Sadly, the pandemic is the perfect time for us to pay for 8 different streaming services as we are all still home bound. 

But what happens when all that changes? 

We as a family, currently pay for 8 streaming services

It seems Comcast is going to be out, as all the networks are creating their own streaming services & pulling content from cable TV. 

Thus the reason Comcast/Xfinity created “Peacock”, in order to be in with the streaming wars themselves. 

“Discovery+” launched a few days ago, so we see this is never ending. They grabbed a host of other networks to join in with them, like;

Food Network/HGTV, Lifetime, A & E, BBC etc etc the list goes on.

We all know, (not my Dad) lol..

Conventional TV is out, but how many streaming services are we supposed to be expected to subscribe to??

Statistics show the average American subscribes to 3 Paid streaming services.  

Honestly, in my opinion we only need “YouTube TV” as you can watch just about anything you want on that platform.

We are experiencing massive changes in many sectors today, streaming wars being one of them. 

When life settles down a bit, It’s my belief in the next year or so we will find out where this business is going to be and probably only the deepest pockets will prevail & move into the next 20 years or so. 

One thing I’m certain most can agree with is, we can’t keep adding more and more streaming services to this mix and all be profitable.

Stay safe,

Sky Rota 

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