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Who would’ve thought?

Who woulda thought the Learning disabled kid would get accepted into every University he applied to, let alone the one that had the Entrepreneurial Major he wanted?

Im going to Drexel University. Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship. No stopping me now!!

“The Close School has pioneered an approach to education that addresses this need by teaching students to be entrepreneurial thinkers and doers, preparing them to be entrepreneurs in new ventures, established companies and organizations, and throughout their personal and professional lives.”

Here’s hoping they don’t give me a lot of regular classes as we all know I’m gonna struggle through them. I haven’t been to a conventional school in 9 years. Now I’m going to be attending a top University. Not in a school for kids who learn differently. But I believe there will be students there, that are different thinkers like myself even if they can learn like regular students. I’m going to give it my best! And get help for the rest.
Btw, I didn’t tell the school I’m disabled.
Don’t need them to know my Super Power! :sunglasses:

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