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Covid Test, How Many Have You Taken?

What is the best time to get tested for COVID-19 for the most accurate results?

“Evidence suggests that testing tends to be less accurate within three days of exposure, and the best time to get tested is five to seven days after you were exposed. Tests are even more accurate when patients are exhibiting symptoms.”

It seems someone I know is always getting a rapid Covid test.

Why Rapid? Because they want to know if they have it ASAP! 

And probably, because they were around someone, who was around someone, who just found out they were positive for Covid.

What a business, as these new places just popped up. 

15toKnow COVID-19 Testing Center:

You receive the emailed test results in 15 min

And hopefully they read like this:

Good news! Your COVID-19 test has come back NEGATIVE! 

“15toknow – you can hug again. you can work again. you can learn again.

This is a part of our insane new way of life. 

We are constantly on edge hearing about someone close to us getting Covid. It’s like the Disease is all around us, trying to make it’s way in. 

My family is very cautious as so many families are, however it seems one way or another they contract the disease. 

They don’t know who, where or how they contracted it, which makes it all the more mysterious & scary.

All we can do is wear protection when we go anywhere & everywhere, no matter who we are around. 

The vaccine is currently being distributed to healthcare professionals & those over 65 years old. 

No idea when my family and I are eligible for the vaccine and that’s a bit scary in itself. 

The government rushed to get this approved. How safe is it? 

I guess we will all find out.

Stay safe,

Sky Rota 

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