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Gen Z looks Back at 2020 Maybe Not All Bad

As Bad as we all know 2020 has been, I know for a fact it hasn’t been all bad.

It is possible to have your worst year and best year, in the same year. 

I’ll start with some bad first, everyone always wants to hear the bad news first and I try to keep life real, I’m not going to stop now. 

The BAD:

I have been home schooling since last March. 

I missed having 1/2 of my 10th grade year of high school. 

I have been on lockdown for what seems like forever. I saw my friends 2 times in almost a year & that was the only 2 days my school held classes. We weren’t allowed to be around each other etc  Mask on Social Distancing the works! As of today, I have currently lost almost half of my 11th grade year of high school, no friends to hang out with, no playing sports for almost a full year now. Life has been gone as I knew it. 

The GOOD: 

My 3 older siblings are all proof of good things that came to fruition this horrible year. 

In May of 2020 My sisters who are identical twins graduated (online), 

Jefferson Hospitals Fact 1 Program to become RN’s. They went on to pass the State Board test and are now Registered Nurses.  ?‍⚕️ ? 

My older brother Graduated Law School & Masters Degree just before Covid so he was able to graduate in person. 

However, he is the first-ever class of more than 30,000 law graduates across 18 jurisdictions who took the remote exam.

That doesn’t seem so bad, however all the law graduates were scheduled for a July Bar Exam and found out only days before that it had been cancelled until further notice. All their excruciating studying put on hold. Only to find out it would be held in September & then that date cancelled. Only to keep studying blindly for months on end until an October date for a Unprecedented remote exam was scheduled. 

If that wasn’t enough torture, the students have to wait at least 10 Weeks after the exam to find out the pass/fail results. 

My brother along with countless others suffered mental anguish for months waiting for scores during these most uncertain times adding even more misery to his daily life. 

Thankfully, my brother received the good news of his passing results, the day before Christmas. ? ? 

Lastly, we moved into a new house in Philadelphia to start a new adventure.

You see, you can have a bad year & a wonderful year in the same year. 

Try to stay positive, but don’t ignore the negatives, they are real and deserve attention. 

Talk to someone and get it out. We are all going through astounding changes to our life good & bad which need validation.

Stay safe, and start fresh next year….

Sky Rota 

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