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Covid- Roulette

It seems like every other day my mother gets a call from someone who was with someone who just tested positive for Covid!

It’s like Covid-Roulette out there today. 

Why are people going to places and not using protection?!

Especially when they know they have comorbidities! And they are going to get togethers with others just after they took a Covid test!

If you just took a Covid test for whatever reason, “STAY HOME!!”

These people seem to think it’s ok to become relaxed and take a mask off when everyone else is doing it.

This takes me back to my mom saying, “ if everyone jumped off a bridge would you?!”


So why are these grown ass people playing follow the leader!

Stop being relaxed when you leave your house and be mindful at all times!

This is utter irresponsible behavior!

Kids like me are living quarantined lives for almost a year now & these adults are out and about unprotected!

It’s like death is lurking all around us!

Put your frigging mask on people!!

Stay safe & stay away from me!

Sky Rota

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