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 I’ve been in the same clothes for the past 2 days. I’ve been on lockdown for God knows how long, it feels like years.

 I actually attended school (in person) for four days last week, two of those days I had to sit in a separate room alone and zoom into my class because there were too many students in the classroom due to Covid rules. 

While on Zoom in my own school yet separate from my classmates I asked myself, “why am I even bothering coming to school when I still have to learn virtually?”

It’s now coming up on the Thanksgiving holiday & school has gone completely virtual, until “further notice”. 

My play room in my house has become my classroom, my game room, my lunch room etc etc.. 

I pretty much live in there 15 hours a day. 

No friends, no playing sports, no real school… basically, No Nothing.

My mother calls us the “WALL-E “ generation 

Where the people had rubber legs from sitting while doing everything 24/7 so they had complete loss of muscle. 

She’s not far off. 

This year is still going on and now we are coming up on our 1st Covid Winter.

This is starting to sound like the “Diary’s of Anne Frank”. In many ways our life today is one big question of what is going on now? Are we going back on lockdown? How bad will Covid get this Winter and even scarier, how long will my family & I be able to dodge it?! 

On a good note or shall I say, different note, my family and I are moving to the City (Philadelphia). Yes, I know, everyone is leaving the big cities and moving to the suburbs to get away from Covid…my family is from Philadelphia, Mom – South Philly & Dad North East Philly. Mom wants to go home…We are moving to Center City Philadelphia. I believe It’s going to be a nice change of atmosphere for all of us. 

Happy Covid Thanksgiving!

Talk when I get to Philly,

Stay Safe, 

Sky Rota 

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