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Best YouTube Marketing Tips

Gen Z learn from watching YouTube

YouTube is not only a Gen Zers most watched channel for entertainment but our biggest tool.

Video consumption has become an essential part of gen z’s daily intake“.

We turn to video for all our needs.   My sister’s college friends are watching YouTube video tutorials to learn how to make a Windsor Knot on a tie for their upcoming Summer intern job fair.

I remember my brother watching the videos at home when he had to make a tie for his Prom.

My advice, try to make the tie before you get all dressed because everyone seems to become frustrated & start sweating while watching the videos & having to repeat over & over to get it perfect.

In my opinion, YouTube is the most fantastic network ever.
There is almost nothing you cannot find on there.

My baby boomer dad still thinks I only watch funny videos on it.
He is wrong, I learn so much & see so many places that I wouldn’t have the opportunity to encounter.

Kids today have the ability to take in so much content in so little time that parents can’t fathom what we are truly learning from watching.

You tubers get how we roll, they know how to engage us & supply us with content that is never disappointing or boring.
The best part, our generation will Never know what a Re-run is!

Note to marketers: have your brands make quick & simple video tutorials on everything.. “how to tie a tie”, make real, fun interesting videos that we can look up & use as a resourceful tool that fits with your brand.
From how to make cupcakes to how to tie your shoes so little kids can watch how to tie their sneakers they just bought or how to braid your own hair if you are selling hair products. Maybe, how to French braid your dog’s long hair if you’re selling dog products…
How to hang wallpaper if you are a home improvements store or decorator.
“In fact, it is a good idea to not only produce separate content for each generations target groups but to have separate channels for each”. – Steve Olenski on

You get the idea…

Show us how to do anything & we will all watch, as long as it’s not too long & boring.

Sky Rota (7th Grader)

Sky Rota is the founder of &
I'm a 13-year-old dyslexic Blogger, Vlogger & Gen Z Consultant who is a luxury & Super car enthusiast. I blog & vlog about everything that is going on in our world today.
I'm looking to highlight the strengths of gen zers & share them with the world, as well as consult with companies & brands on futurizing themselves in order to win generation Zer's attention.

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  1. I used YouTube the other day to help guide me in changing my eBay store template because eBay is not very clear on explaining how it works. Its truly a great tool to find information fast!

  2. You Tube is great. It is amazing. The best thing Google ever bought. They were smart. Many years ago at the time they took a chance
    and it worked out. I know it is not for just jokes, I use it for many things too.
    It is sort of like the world book or other encyclopedias mom and I had when we were young except of course much larger and there is video.
    It is a reference for almost anything. Kids should be so much smarter because they can find anything they want to learn about in minutes.

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