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How to Apologize to Your Developer in One Easy Step!

I’m Sorry!!

Please forgive me?

At the time it seemed like it would be funny.

My dad would say in, “hindsight” looking back I shouldn’t have used my knowledge of your kryptonite to play a Prank on you.

I didn’t mean to upset you!

Please accept my apology!

I know you readers are wondering what happened, but I first wanted to make it right with my developer before telling you guys what I did to her.

I need this post to be about my apology to her.

About Robyn:

For the past 4 days Robyn, our Team developer/Marketer of Madness, was away at a conference in Las Vegas .

First thing you need to know is that not much bothers Robyn. She isn’t emotional & is easy to get along with. She welcomes our input on a daily basis & we share ideas about everything. She’s not a freak out type of person & is more laid back. She doesn’t let every little thing get on her nerves or bother her.

Robyn’s Kryptonite:

We know Robyn’s vulnerability.

Airports are her “kryptonite”!

She is afraid of missing her flights. She always arrives at the airport like 3 hours early.

On her way to Las Vegas she was texting my mom & mentioned that her flight was over booked & the airline was offering packages to travelers to take the next flight. Robyn wasn’t concerned this has anything to do with her as she had a guaranteed seat on the plane.

She was just surprised the airline does this overbooking thing. My mother assured her that airlines overbook all the time because a certain percentage of travelers don’t show up for their flights for one reason or another. And the airline usually finds plenty of people to take the later flight deals.

Terrible prankster:

With this in mind, last night I was playing around with my PrankDial app..

my mother knows about it & we actually have lots of laughs doing it to random family members.

My mother is the one who really laughs hysterically at the recordings.

You can audio record the prank, so you can enjoy hearing the expression in your persons voice after they are pranked.


Well, I found a prank that I thought was perfect for Robyn.  


The “Canceled Flight” Prank.

So I proceeded to put the prank in play for Robyn.

It took a few times to get her to answer her phone but I’m good at putting the right phone numbers in so they appear on your caller ID & make you want to answer.

(I know that most people don’t answer their phones today unless they know the contact)

Why am I soo gifted?? ?

Anyway, within 50 seconds of the prank ending, Robyn was calling my mother on her cell.

Now that is an emergency in itself!! because, Robyn NEVER EVER psychically Calls anyone!

She is the text Queen.

My Mother immediately starts laughing after just hearing the Audio of the prank recording which was soooo realistic & poor Robyn fell for the Airline telling her that her “ticket was Cancelled because her flight was over booked”!

My mother answers her phone & puts Robyn on speaker.

Poor Robyn is in tears while telling my mom that her morning flight was cancelled.

My mother & I cannot believe she fell for this prank.

My mom is trying not to laugh & trying to comfort Robyn by saying immediately that it was a prank & we are sorry to have upset her.

She doesn’t believe us because the voice of the PrankDial was so realistic.

She then tells us that she has already texted her husband & emailed 2 other people at her office to tell them this devastating news & how is she going to get home?!

Omg! We felt horrible!!

I had to play her the recording of her being pranked so she would believe us.

She said a few words I can’t repeat, but at least she got it through her head that her ticket wasn’t cancelled.

I really don’t know how those YouTube pranksters that I constantly watch, do it.

You have to be a certain kind of person to prank others especially if they aren’t funny ones right off the bat.

I felt so badly that I made her cry & I need her to know how sorry I am.

Please forgive me..

Oh, and remember that HUGE time I had to forgive you? (4 months later)

Jut sayin..

please keep that in mind.

There is no video, (thank goodness) but you can hear how good the prank sounds.

I mean, in a bad way!!

Oh, and btw…

Robyn, can you please post this for me? ♥️

100 Sorries


Oh No, I just remembered I better contact my big brother who lives in an apartment in DC before he moves out, he thinks his apartment building is being fumigated for rodents.


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