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Apple Airpods

One of the reason Apple got rid of headphone jack on iPhone 7 is to use the wireless headphone.

Well, Apple Airpods are here.

Apple Airpods are hereAs I understand:

These are wireless earbuds. They connect with your iPhone using Bluetooth technology. The brain is its W1 processor. When Airpods is close to iPhone, a pop up window will appear to connect your phone to AirPod. Also, W1 makes Airpods sense to play the music once they are in the ears.
It also tells iPhone if one in wearing only one AirPod.

Airpods works with any iPhone with iOS 10. Once Airpods is hooked up to iPhone it’s hooked up to Mac and Apple Watch. Mac is using new Sierra OS while Apple Watch uses watch OS 3. Its easy to switch between the units.

Airpods can also be hooked up with a button on back of the case to any non Apple device which has Bluetooth audio player.

For charging:

Airpods case has a lightning port at the bottom which gives you around 24 hrs of listening time.

Sound same as wired EarPods. Not waterproofed in rain or swimming. Ok in gym sweat.

Each AirPod had build microphone for talking on the phone and Siri. Double tapping on one of the AirPod activates Siri or play/pause music. Tap one of them to answer phone calls as well.

Very secure & comfortable.

Shortfall Maybe:

No physical control to control volume or change tracks on the player. You can ask Siri to do it for you. Or adjust the volume buttons on your iPhone & use on screen controls to change tracks.


$159. Easy to loose a piece. Cost $69 per piece.

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  1. Thanks for all the great information.
    They sound pretty good, but seems like still have a far
    Way to go, and like you said being so small easy to lose.

  2. I just got a pair and I think they sound fantastic. you have to be really responsible to
    have these because you can easily loose them.

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