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Corona or Not, it’s time to Work

My 10th grade school year was basically cut in almost half. 

I wasn’t able to seen my friends for over 3 months. 

I missed Spring season of baseball & Lax. 

I missed getting my Drivers permit. 

I’m NOT missing out on working this Summer!

Im lucky to have work at this present time as so many are out of work. 

I’ve been working from home listing random items on eBay for almost a year now. 

My Summer plans were to go into my fathers office & learn everything I can about listing antiques, coins, antique jewelry, Mexican Art Jewelry, watches & lots of other Unordinary items. 

I’m going to be my Dads apprentice this Summer & nothing is going to stop me. 

Yes, I’m going to be safe about leaving the house & wear a mask if I go into a public place. 

Most people are still working remotely in the City so there are only a few people in our office. 

This is actually good for me as I may get more time with my Dad who has a wealth of information in his head that I need access to!

I want to learn the family businesses & who better to learn from than my Dad.

He may not be much of a hands on teacher,  so I will learn from watching him & listening to his conversations, negotiations & art of the deal. 

My father has so many interests. He’s not just a typical business man. He has numerous businesses and I want to be knowledgeable and well versed in all of them.

This virus has literally placed every aspect of our lives on hold for months. 

However, I’m not losing this invaluable opportunity to work with my Dad. 

I’m going to work! 

Stay safe, 

Sky Rota 

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