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Surgery During Corona Virus

I just had my Wisdom teeth removed. 

While it may not be a huge surgery, any time you receive general anesthesia it’s surgery. 

This is my first medical procedure & it had to be during the virus.

All non-emergency surgeries had were cancelled for the past 3 months. 

“Drs & hospitals are just starting to schedule non-emergency surgeries”  like my wisdom teeth extractions. 

The new surgical procedure rules were somewhat of a rude awakening, not so much for me, more for my mother.

Prior to surgery you receive at least 2 phone calls going over Coronavirus screening & protocol.

Questions like:

Did you have Coronavirus?

Have you been around anyone who has?

Do you feel sick or have a fever in the past 3 months?

Questions you would normally never hear before COVID. 

The Drs office proceeds to tell you the process for the day of the surgery. 

Wear masks, come into the office. 

You will have your temperature taken along with the patient. 

Then you will go out and wait in your car in the parking lot while the patient receives surgery. 

I assume because they don’t want you going anywhere & contracting the virus between dropping the patient off & pick up. 

Well my mother didn’t follow the protocol.

She checked me in for my wisdom teeth removal, then she and my sister drove away.

My mother claims she didn’t know she “had” to stay in the parking lot. She said she thought she just had to be outside & not wait in the office. 

My mother received a phone call after 45 min telling her my surgery was over & that she could come get me.  

Then my mother said she received a call like 2 min after the first one but from a different woman from my Drs office & this time the woman was very inquisitive and angry.

She asked my mother if she was in the parking lot. My mother said, “no”.

The woman proceeded to tell my mother off by  saying “You were Not to leave the parking lot!”

My mother said, “I just took a ride, I’ll be right there, I’m 2 min away!”

The woman was pissed.

What are they going to do, not let my mom pick me up?

We understand that we all must use precautions & everyone in my family is always cautious. 

My Mom wasn’t worried about leaving the parking lot but the Drs office was very upset.

Sadly, our country is having a huge spike of new Coronavirus cases due to people not practicing social distancing & people not wearing masks to protect one another. 

U.S. sets record for new Coronavirus cases surpassing 55,000. 

These are frightening numbers.

We must continue to wear masks to protect one another.

Stay safe,

Sky Rota 

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