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Generation Zs Position on Racism: Zero Tolerance!

I’m not a reporter or writer, at least I don’t consider myself one. 

I’m more of an informer. 

Hence the name Gen Z “insider”.

I’m here to give you the inside information.

My site has changed/evolved through the years since I started GenZinsider & that’s a good thing. 

In the past 3 months the inside information has gone astray in horrendous ways & I won’t ignore it. 

In the past 3 months Our lives have changed more drastically than any other known time on earth.

We are using new words in our daily vocabulary like: 














Peaceful Protest

Juneteenth (Friday,June 19th 2020)

Our dress code has changed: 

We wear Masks & gloves & use hand sanitizer for protection when we are out in any public scenario. 

Our social body language has changed & possibly gone forever:

We don’t hug or shake hands with anyone! 

We don’t have friends over & we don’t go anywhere other than outside. 

There is a new thing some are doing in place of hugs & hand shakes to greet each other: 

The “Elbow-bump”.

Juneteenth: June 19th 1865, commemorates the end of slavery.

Why have we never learned about this in school. 

Yes, there are huge celebrations in different parts of our country,  but why are the rest of us just hearing about one of the most important days of all time. 

Why is it not a Holiday?! 

Juneteenth comes up as a Holiday on my iPhone,  but doesn’t say what it means. 

How is this day NOT in our school curriculums? 

This day marked the End of slavery!

Don’t you think that’s an important day in history?!

Yes!! It is! 

And we (Generation Z), are Not having this day go unnoticed ever again! 

My Mother is 52 years old & never heard of the word. She’s currently ashamed. 

We are currently learning History while we are making dreadful history. 

We are making some of the most horrific history of all time, and have Video to prove it this time around!

Our children & all future generations are going to “See”, not just read about some hypothetical events that may or may not have taken place in history. 

They are going to watch it with their own eyes..

I’ll quote Sebastian Maniscalco (comedian) but not in a humorous way.. 

“Aren’t you embarrassed”?!!!!

The reason I have to play reporter at this time is because it’s my responsibility to give the inside info.

Not just about the fun, cool stuff & trends, but the real life issues. 

Our regular life has been pushed to the side and not just because of the Virus!

Our behavior as a nation has been horrendous!

In my opinion, Most people have not spoken nor Celebrated Juneteenth because not much has changed for African Americans. 

The only thing that has changed, we now have live Video Footage of the frightfully horrific treatment & events that are & have been going on in our society to people of color,  forever! 

There will be NO more hiding racism!

My Mother didn’t raise us to see color. 

We as a generation must continue to pass on what my mother taught my siblings & myself. 

“We are all the same, when we get cut we all bleed. Treat others as you want to be treated. Be a good person!”

My mother’s motto never seemed to be all that outrageous or difficult to follow or understand. Yet it seems lots of society doesn’t live by the same motto. 

America, this must change!

My Generation will Not support discrimination of any kind. 

Our motto on the subject: 

Zero Tolerance!!

Generation Z continues to be hopeful about the future because we know we will make it our mission to make real change & educate & not ignore real issues. 

We will let our lives speak! 

I’m proud to be an American, however at this present time, I’m Not proud of America. 

Together, we can change this.

Sky Rota 

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  1. I hope you know that saying that you “don’t see color” is micro aggressive and undermines BIPOC experiences. One must SEE the color of people’s skin in order to identify who needs help. And it also identifies those that can help to begin with. To address racism, you must be willing to see the factors that constitute its basis 🙂

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