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Corona School, Gen Z the Official Learning Difference Generation

Generation Z students are proving they are ALL different learners. 

No longer are we all sitting in classrooms learning the old fashioned way. 

This is what I’ve always said, “why do you think we all learn the same way”, yet different learners are labeled, “disabled”. 

We all have different learning styles & now you are showing us different resources that suit our individual learning needs.

There is No IEP at “Coronavirus home school”. 

You find the resources that help you learn.

Why haven’t school always allowed students to use all the resources that are at our fingertip?

Well, now you have no choice but to turn to technology, videos & YouTube for teaching tools.

All Educators are “Unlocking technology to deliver education”

“Educators across the world are experiencing new possibilities to do things differently and with greater flexibility resulting in potential benefits in accessibility to education for students across the world. These are new modes of instruction that have previously been largely untapped”. 

Some teachers are finding this new way isn’t a bad thing: 

“Some lower-performing students would “get lost in the flood,” Schneider said. Instead, he’s noticed some struggling students are actually thriving with the flexible schedule.

“There’s some kids that are struggling in the classroom, and they’re killing it. They just needed a quiet place”. 

Maybe education in general will change.

Could this virus finally change how educators teach us or allow us to learn?

During the virus, virtual home schooling has turned to YouTube videos as a huge go to resource being suggested by our teachers. 

Teachers are turning to YouTube

The use of technology, video creation & sharing etc has been the choice of daily tools used for our school work. 

“Online classes may seem unfamiliar to even millennials or baby boomers. But coronavirus has forced education to step into the 21st century.”

“Generation Z is just so good with technology”.

“Over the past two weeks, teachers, students and parents in NYC have begun using online tools to cope with a new system for remote learning”. 

Sadly, it took a Pandemic quarantine for the education system to come to where GenZ is.. 

Teachers are learning that their students have

different learning styles and most of all “there is more than one way to teach kids,  & there is more than one way to learn!” 

The “learning difference” now applies to all students!

We are all practicing learning differently!

My Head of School is making YouTube videos & sending them to us, posting them on Instagram & communicating with us, where we are. 

“Teachers and parents are coping with ‘distance learning’ by making memes, TikToks, and YouTube videos”

I never thought I would see this, EVER!

Maybe it took this horrific pandemic for our education system to really understand there is technology out there that we can use & learn from. 

Instead of them telling us to “Get off YouTube!”, they are sending us YouTube links as tools to help us learn.  

Teachers are sending us links from Math to Meditations for our Coronavirus anxiety, it’s incredible how they found all these resources so quickly! Maybe it’s because it’s always been right in front of them all along.

The students have always known they can find any type of video on YT to teach you what you want to learn. 

Its not like we only used YT to watch prank videos like the teachers once thought. 

We have always watched & learned from YouTube channels. 

Now our teachers are catching up & using YT as a Tool. 

It took the world to close down for educators to understand we ALL Learn differently! 

Home School is going to be just fine if you keep our distance learning somewhat entertaining. 

Maybe some good will come from this terrifying nightmare we are stuck in. 

Stay in & stay safe, 

Sky Rota 

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