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COVID-19 School 20/21

social distance classrooms

We just received our new “Covid-19 School Handbook”! It’s pretty ridiculous to say the least.
That was a pic of our “New Covid Classrooms”

The handbook is literally written & illustrated  like a comic book. It’s a joke!

Bottom line, the plan reads like the
  “Anti-Social” school from HELL!

You couldn’t make up what they wrote in this book.
There is actually a new “NO Sharing” symbol!

My sister thought it meant “No High 5’s”, it could mean that as well.

There is no socialization allowed what so ever .
This is my HELL!

Anyone who knows me & my school story knows, I hate school.

I have school anxiety from my past & I only attend school for the Social aspect.
Example: recess (when I was in elementary school) lunch, PE & to play sports.

Well, all of that is gone since Covid hit!
All Sports in my school have been cancelled until further notice.

No gym/PE because they don’t want us changing into our gym uniforms in locker rooms as we can’t social distance.

One would think they would do anything to let us have a class outside, but No!

We get to sit in class all day, while wearing a mask & have to ignore one another all day in class & in the hallways that are one way.

This is the most absurd plan imaginable.
I completely understand how dangerous Covid is & I respect the virus & keep myself safe.

The attending school thing is off the charts insane.
Why even propose this as an option.
You are setting us up for failure.
Teaching kids how to not socialize & stay as far away from each other as possible.
We may as well stay home & learn online.

We have lost interacting with friends in school as we knew it.
This shouldn’t be an option.

I do realize little kids need school as a babysitter so their parents can go to work. But placing those anti-social restrictions on them will be impossible.
This isn’t in our human nature.

Sadly, lots of people have social
Anxieties & social issues & Covid magnitudes their issues even further. It embraces their way of anti social living.
They actually win in this Covid world!

It’s not a good win.

This is an extremely sad & scary school year we are looking at.
I’m not even sure if I’m going or if things will change again by the start of school.

Novels don’t have as many twist and turns as our everyday life today.
School wanted us to read a Summer Reading book! We are living one! How about we talk about that?!

I guess we will see how the next few weeks play out with the spread of the virus as it’s getting worse daily.

My Mother said she is only sending me to school if my friends go.
So far, a few of my friends say they are going.
We shall see….

Stay safe, wear masks to protect yourself & others.
We want to get outta this alive some day.

Sky Rota

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