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No School 2020 – Virtual learning in place for all students!

We just received an email from my school saying:

“Tier 4 with virtual learning in place for all students.”

This summer,  Schools had to make Covid plans for attending school, virtual learning & hybrid models, (Hybrid is half of the days at home and half in the school building).

I’m upset about not having school, some of my friends feel even worse.

They are devastated.

The going back to Covid school plan was a mess, but we still had some hope of hanging out & seeing each other. 

I can’t even imagine doing this “Hybrid Model” for us high schoolers. 

I’m starting to feel sad. I’ve never said that before, but this is getting to me. 

I see how this is affecting our kids today. 

It’s beyond sad. 

Missing out on school life. 

For me its, high school life, sports, friends, socializing & experiences… is beyond unfathomable!

It’s a form of child abuse.. 

I believe we are going to have to really be up on the mental health in kids today as they are all crying on the inside.

We really have no idea how they are all suffering silently. 

But they are suffering.

Hopefully schools will try to get kids talking about their feelings & call it “being real” etc..

This cannot be ignored. 

Kids have to get this out.. and share, as it’s not just one child it’s all of us.

We must be shown empathy & compassion for what we are loosing on a daily basis. 

We are missing out on a huge part of life. 

We can’t ignore it and act like we are just moving on to Virtual learning.

We are literally going through morning & anger & every emotion due to these continued losses.

Good Mental Health practices must come before school work today, as life has shifted. 

Without Good Mental health, none of us will be good at anything. 

Let’s address this insane life our youths are living today & try to help somewhat before kids use it to do bad things.

Let’s set us up for success, Instead of waiting for us to fail miserably.

Tell your kids & students how sad you are for them loosing all these experiences and give them the empathy & compassion they need to hear. 

Don’t just ask, “what positive things do you have to share in your zoom classes!” 

We don’t have anything positive!!

And that’s ok!

That’s being real.. 

Don’t get us on live and tell us to be fake!

Be real with us & we will be real with you.

Tell us some things that you are hurting over since Covid struck & get the conversation started. 

We can work to become more positive, together. 

Our kids are sad & only going to become more sad & unhappy as time passes & they are stuck in without any kid life. 

Things aren’t changing any time soon,

so start talking now. 

It’s not normal for students to loose school, dances, proms, sports, activities, friends, graduations and a long list of other important things we took for granted in our old life. 

It’s time for adults to be cognizant of us. 

We know you are all suffering losses as well, but we are still the kids.

Imagine yourself in our situation, empathy goes a long way. 

Don’t just assume we are handling this well.

We aren’t!

Stay safe,

Sky Rota 

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  1. I’m so sorry for all school kids having to miss out on all those experiences, hang in there things will get better.

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