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And then Came the FiRES!

Looks more like a dooms day inferno nightmare straight out of a movie. 

Sadly, it’s not a movie, it’s coming from The fires in California, Oregon & Washington. 

“Across California, over 14,000 firefighters are battling 25 blazes which have burned nearly 2.2 million acres”

“In Oregon Thirty-five active fires in the state have ripped through more than 367,000 acres since Labor Day weekend”

“In Washington state, 12 large fires torched more than 330,000 acres, decimating an entire town”

Zero percent of the fires are contained,

This is unfathomable. 

San Franciscans awoke to orange skies & snowing ash this morning.

My family owns a business in San Francisco in the Bay Area right around the corner from The magnificent Golden Gate Bridge. The closest fire is one hour away from the bridge. However with the skies burnt orange color  it looks like it’s ablaze. Our friends told us it was dark at 12pm today & they needed to use lights as it was an eerie darkness. 

Words can’t describe how badly we feel for all those people & their lives being destroyed. We have you in our prayers. 

Stay Safe,

Sky Rota 

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