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Going to the Movies Covid Style

Is It Safe to Go to a Movie Theater Right Now?

I guess we shall see.

My family and I are going to the movies for the 1st time since last November 2019. 

We stopped going back then because we got a puppy & couldn’t leave her alone, then Covid hit & life stopped! 

Now some things are beginning to open at a smaller capacity. 

Our local movie theater is opening tomorrow September 10th at 40% capacity.

From the looks of the website & reserved theater seating, they have X’ed out different seats to stay along social distancing guidelines.

Yes, we have to wear the dreaded masks from the moment we walk in until we leave.

At this point, none of my family seems to care. We are doing our best to keep safe & we have our seats together & will be wearing masks. 

That’s all we can do. 

We have not been at any indoor activities since March 2020.  Except for our house. 

We have eaten at a few “literally 2” outdoor restaurants in our neighborhood this Summer.

We are over-ready to go to the movies and what better way to celebrate with our 1st Covid life movie outing than the long awaited 

Christopher Nolan movie, “Tenant”. 

I’m a huge “Inception” movie fan. 

Yes, I’m sure it’s going to be somewhat crazy to follow, but we are up for it. 

Well, maybe not my sisters ?

How we made our final decision to go to the Movies. 

My mother got on the AMC app to buy tickets & not one was sold in the theater we chose. 

She proceeded to purchase 6 tickets for our family. We got there and we were the only ones in our theater. Our AMC welcomed us as warmly as humanly possible. 

I think there were 5 other scattered seats taken throughout our huge theater when the movie started. 

I’m pretty sure we were safe. We wore our masks the entire time unless we were eating popcorn & we had to pull it down a bit but other than that, we felt safe. 

I don’t see how theaters can stay open at this capacity, it’s another sad business that is being crushed by Covid. 

Stay safe

Sky Rota 

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