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Generation Z, The Real Zoomers!

It’s October 25th 2020 and I am still doing 11th grade Home School on Zoom..

Sorry Boomers, Gen Z is the Literal “Zoomers”.

Old definition of Zoomer: 

“Zoomers are trend-setting Boomers who are breaking new ground”. 

That’s old news..

Generation Z was always known for adapting to daily change.. 

Now all life has changed more drastically than ever before.

The public can’t go around callingvus, “The Quarantine Kids” or  “The Corona Kids” etc …

“Coronavirus and Zoom have marked a generation. Let’s call them Zoomers”. 

“This generation will have the shared memories of an abrupt shift to  “remote learning”, the development of the term “social distancing,” the widespread use of masks, the traumatic loss of life and the sense that personal safety is fragile.”

Generation Z above all others has been thrown headfirst into an unfathomable new reality that has affected our world, school life, work, social life, and numerous events and activities we will never get back. 

We deserve a name that doesn’t represent the disaster that caused all of these tragic losses in our lives, but how we adapted once again like the Strong Generation we are and always will be..

And let’s not forget the word “Zoom” in our lives today. Not only did “Zoom” (Zoom Video Communications Inc) “NASDAQ: ZM” make a 16 year old me a small fortune ? lol, It is literally part of our daily life today. 

Call Them Zoomers: Gen Z Flocks to Zoom During Quarantine

In my opinion,




“Zoomer Generation”.

Stay Safe,

Sky Rota 

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