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The President has CORONAVIRUS!

President Donald Trump, our Commander in Chief has Covid-19!

I got a News alert at 3am Friday morning October 2nd, 2020 saying;

“Trump positive for coronavirus”

“WoW! It can’t be?!”

This is crazy! 

How is it possible that one of his own people gave it to him?!

Don’t they get tested everyday in order to be around the President!!

I guess not! 

Melania Trump, who also tested positive, tweeted she was also experiencing “mild symptoms” and was “overall feeling good.”

2020 – The year of History making!

As I’m writing this, President Trump is on his way to Walter Reed Medical Center, “out of an abundance of caution, Trump is not seriously ill but said that because of his age, as well as other risk factors, he and aides decided to take this additional step”.

What happens next?

This is an election year, exactly one month from a very monumental election.

I’m googling what everyone is probably thinking:

What if a candidate dies before an election? 

“If we are unfortunate enough to have a presidential candidate die or become incapacitated this close to the election, what happens next is likely to be uncertain and messy”. 

Can the election be postponed?

“No U.S. presidential election has ever been postponed, even during the Civil War, World War II and other times of national crisis. The Constitution restricts the president and vice president to four-year terms”. 

“The election would need to be held by Jan. 20, or constitutional rules of succession would apply. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) is next in line”.

Again, we find ourselves living in uncertain times and now unpresidential times.

The year of the Nail-biter continues…

2020 will go down in History as the most bizarre year Ever!

Stay tuned & stay safe!

Sky Rota 

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