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Halo 5

Halo 5 review by GenZ

Halo 5 is one of the most interesting games in the Halo series.

The game is a competitive shooter that has multiplayer and a campaign. It has a different system then most shooters for multiplayer.

It’s a system where throughout certain rounds of the game you can spawn in guns to play with. This is based on the guns you have and how many you have, and how many enemies you have killed.

Warzone is a huge multiplayer game where its 12 v 12 and whoever gets more kills win. There is also another type of warzone where you work with other people to defeat aliens.

Halo 5 also has a fun campaign;

In the campaign, the story is told from two perspectives like in Halo 2. Except, unlike Halo 2 where one perspective is from a bad guy and one is from a good guy. This time, it’s from two good guy’s perspectives. One of the good guys is a guy from team Osiris. Another good guy is master chief, the main Halo character.

Halo 5 is a game about discovering the A.I Cortana is alive.

Cortana is the master chiefs friend. But you find out she became evil and wants to get rid of all wars by killing a lot of people, you try to stop Cortana. But at the end of the game, they say she is still alive.

It is an overall fun game and epically fun to play with friends.

It is rated T for the violence. In my opinion, the violence is not that bad. There is just some colored alien blood like purple blood and stuff like that.

Halo 5 is $40 and I feel it is worth it.

Gavin (7th Grader)

My name is Gavin. I'm in 7th grade & I’m very disorganized.
I like video games and movies.
Ever since I could read, I have loved comic books.
Comic books have pretty much become my life. The first comic book I remember getting is an Avengers issue. I was going to the comic store with my dad which I was SUPER excited about.
He told me to pick one. So I decided on the Avengers one. I loved the comic book and ever since then me and my dad's comic book collection combined could probably take up a whole basement.
I also sometimes read Dark Horse which is another comic company.
I also collect Pop Heads. Pop heads are these small things with big heads.
My favorite pop head so far is my Death-Stroke pop head from comic con. It was also my first pop head. It's shinier than usual because it’s a special edition. Anyway, that’s a little bit about me.

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