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The Letter Generation Zers need to Read!

Do you think life this far has been a struggle?

I used to think I was the only one who struggled. I struggled with reading, spelling & everything that had to do with school.

By the time I was 10 years old I was already entering my 6th school & I was entering mid-year.

I had just been Expelled from my old private school after I was diagnosed with Dyslexia & ADHD.

I was ashamed, embarrassed & most of all, I didn’t want to drive 4 hours a day to get to & from my new school.

Even more than that, I didn’t want to make new friends again.

I wanted to give up.

But something inside me made me go & give this school a try.

All I could think was, how is this school going to be different from the last?

I don’t understand anything in school. I can’t learn at school, I can’t do the work, No one will help me learn the way I need to.

Even though I was scared to death to try again, I did it anyway.

I am not a quitter & I was going to keep showing up until I found somewhere who knew how to teach me the way I need to learn.

I really didn’t want to be homeschooled & never get to play with kids again or have gym or recess or organize my famous recess football game again.

Guess what?

I found the place who knows how to teach me the way I needed to learn.

I didn’t think it was possible to be happy again at school.

To have new great caring friends.

To have a place to call home again.

But I found it!

I think everyone should read this inspirational article that my brother sent to us. Everyone can relate to it is different ways.

Heat at Wizards 1/15/14
Walter Ray Allen Jr. is an American former professional basketball player who played 18 seasons in the National Basketball. 

Sky Rota (7th Grader)

Sky Rota is the founder of &
I'm a 13-year-old dyslexic Blogger, Vlogger & Gen Z Consultant who is a luxury & Super car enthusiast. I blog & vlog about everything that is going on in our world today.
I'm looking to highlight the strengths of gen zers & share them with the world, as well as consult with companies & brands on futurizing themselves in order to win generation Zer's attention.

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  1. That’s right, Sky. We can all learn from you. Never give up. Sometimes in life we go through things, so we can stand out and help others.

  2. Son you should copy and paste this article so people can read it. They
    make you give your email which people do not want to do.
    Great article. Good job posting it!

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