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How much does, “Making a Difference” Pay?

How much does making a difference pay?
Then Dad asked Mark, “How much does ‘Making a difference’ pay?”

That’s the big question in my house between my Baby Boomer dad & my Gen Zer brother.

When my father asked my brother what he wanted to do for his career, My brother told my father,
“I want to make a difference!”

My father replied, “How much does making a difference pay?”

My brother replied, “I’m not money driven”.

My father replied, “That’s because I pay for everything for you!”

So, how much does making a difference pay?

My brother is lucky to be able to have the luxury of having the opportunity to even think of making a difference because my parents support him financially in every way.

Someone has to pay the bills, my Mother tells him.

My mother says, “It’s all well & good If you want to volunteer or work pro-bono & help people, but someone has to be realistic, as life costs a fortune!”

My brother is at the top of the Gen Z age group. He has been sheltered & doesn’t really know a day of work, only school work.

There were no Summer jobs for him in high school as even the pizza shop jobs were all taken by dads that were laid off from their full-time careers.
He has been taken care of by my parents in every way for 22 years.

I understand that my parents would like him to actually be able to earn a decent independent living after college because they have been paying the bills forever.

However, this generation somehow thinks this is the way it should be.
It’s not their fault, there were no jobs for them.

My parents are hoping that after college my brother can finally earn a paycheck & see how much it really cost to live.

Then, he can decide if he can afford to make a difference!

Sky Rota (7th Grader)

Sky Rota is the founder of &
I'm a 13-year-old dyslexic Blogger, Vlogger & Gen Z Consultant who is a luxury & Super car enthusiast. I blog & vlog about everything that is going on in our world today.
I'm looking to highlight the strengths of gen zers & share them with the world, as well as consult with companies & brands on futurizing themselves in order to win generation Zer's attention.

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  1. Its wonderful to have the desire to want to help others. But your mom is correct, You must first
    help yourself or you are no good to others.

  2. So true that there were No Summer jobs for these kids, I remember one of my daughters friends
    Fathers had to take a job at Home Depot after he was laid off from his 30 yr job.
    It was so sad, he said he had this type of job when he was 18 & now again at 50 something.

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