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The Manner-less World of Gen Z

Generation Z have no manners
You handed us your phone when we were toddlers to keep us quiet when you were out. Now we look at our phone while we are our out at dinner and you tell us we are rude? Please, tell us the rules!

Gen Z’ers are notorious over-sharers.
We have no privacy issues.

Who’s fault is that??

Maybe that’s because no one taught us what is OK to video, take pics of, text, share, post, comment, reply etc etc.

Today, we hit Send without a second thought!

Where is the list of inappropriate or appropriateness in our world of non-stop Social Sharing interaction?

There is NO List of guidelines, instructions, rules, examples…

Is there an “Idiots Guide” for GenZ?

My mom said when she was little, if someone called their house phone at dinner time she & her family would answer & say, “we can’t speak right now it’s dinner time”.
They had clear cut rules!
Everyone had the same rules.

You didn’t bounce a basketball outside before 10am on weekends or after 10pm, out of respect for your neighbors.
I still don’t. I know that rule.

Everyone was taught to say,
“Please” & “Thank You” to Every One!
It wasn’t’s still isn’t!

You had manners. You weren’t raised to be rude, or like my mom says, “Raised by wolves”.

What happened?
Now there are “different” rules wherever we go depending on if you are in a certain classroom or friends house or activity or event etc..
Some teachers allow you to keep your phone with you in class, some don’t.
My baseball coach doesn’t have to say a word about cell phone usage as no one would even think of taking their phone out of their bag to text while at batting cages or fielding practice, let alone the thought of texting during an actual game.
Where is the Consistency?

Why has no one taught our Generation how to use these extraordinary devices appropriately?

When General Electric put out the first toaster in 1919 everyone was taught not to stick a metal fork in it! People are still teaching their kids that in 2016.
When the microwave oven came out, everyone was taught not to put foil in it.
We still don’t!

Why hasn’t anyone taught us how, when, where & why to use our devices?
They handed them to us on our Birthdays & Holidays,
Yet, none of YOU gave us Usage Rules.

Why doesn’t anyone say the words “Rude”, “proper Etiquette” or “manners” anymore?

My Mom does!

We still rely on people, our elders, etc to teach us all about what they have handed us, including unattended access to the Internet.
I’m Not talking about Stranger-Danger!
We get that we shouldn’t put our address on the internet.
But no one went even one step further & said, BTW, this is how you Post a nice Comment, or Reply to someone or even compose an email or Never Ever post a pic that looks like X..

We didn’t need directions to physically learn how to use any of our devices.
However, we need verbal guidance from our elders to teach us right from wrong regarding appropriate use of ALL our forms of Social-Sharing Communications.

If You don’t teach us, how do you expect us to know?

Instead of calling us names or labeling us or taking things away from us, why don’t you teach us
proper etiquette, rules & guidelines and give us an explanation regarding our behavioral expectations for this world that we were born into.

Life lessons & manners don’t come with these devices.

It really isn’t our fault that we feel free to text, video, take pics, post, comment, watch videos etc etc
Anytime & anywhere we want to.
You didn’t tell us we needed Permission to Socialize the Gen Z way.
If your child is able to watch a video on a cell in his baby carriage to keep him/her quiet when their parents need them to be distracted, then it’s high time to start teaching him/her the right respectable way to use a device appropriately.

Remember, this works both ways. Parents are creating the monsters that we are, as you introduced these devices to us at birth & now u just expect us to put them down when it suits you.

Isn’t that being Hypocritical?

I’ve seen parents hand toddlers cell phones to play games on to keep them quiet in stores while shopping, at theaters while watching a play, in Church & a ton of other places, however when that same toddler grows up a bit in a few years he/she will want to play a game during a play at a theater and so on & will be reprimanded by those same parents & told it is rude!
When did it become rude??
Wasn’t it rude when u handed it to us as toddlers?
You are sending us mixed messages.
Why aren’t parents teaching their children to sit quietly & watch the play, instead of handing them something to keep them distracted?
I’ll tell you why.
Because you want the easy way out!
It’s easier to just hand us a distraction than teach us to sit still & be quiet!
We are not totally responsible for our generation’s behavior.
When are the parents going to take ownership for what they started?

The Bottom line is, these devices aren’t going anywhere. They are here to stay & more distractions are coming out every day.

The question is, what are u going to do about it?
You can choose to keep calling us rude, disrespectful & inappropriate.
Or, you can teach us from birth, the rules that come with this New digital World at our fingertips.

We would like to be polite & respectful like the generations before us.

All you have to do is teach us.

Sky Rota (7th Grader)

Sky Rota is the founder of &
I'm a 13-year-old dyslexic Blogger, Vlogger & Gen Z Consultant who is a luxury & Super car enthusiast. I blog & vlog about everything that is going on in our world today.
I'm looking to highlight the strengths of gen zers & share them with the world, as well as consult with companies & brands on futurizing themselves in order to win generation Zer's attention.

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  1. lol. I see babies in their car seats playing on their moms cell, you are correct, it must start with the parents. They can’t just pick & choose when it works for them to have distracted kids.

  2. Great Post! It starts with the Parents… The lessons of Manners, courtesy, & respect all started at a young age for me and my sister. I did the same with my children, and also children that were playing with my kids (that can go wrong quickly if the parents arent of the same mindset as you, but thats unother story). The block I lived on, any mom would come out and yell or correct any kid if they were doing something wrong, I brought that mentality to the neighborhood I moved into in Jersey, and so did 90% of the neighbors. It was great. Man, I gotta cut these prologues down…. youre going to lose readers… When a good foundation in respect, manners, and courtesy is in place, I believe a child is ready. I remember getting my daughter her first cell phone. I told her I could look at it at anytime, and if you can not say or show to your mom or myself what you are texting to someone, then dont do it. If you do then you lose the phone.

    It is a leap of trust. my daughter was better than my son, he received his a couple years later than she did.
    And Sky, this is not just children, but I am amazed when I see people my age posting things, I almost believe they have lost their mind at times.

    Oh, I practice what I preach. I send my mom and my sister, all the kooky Stuff I get from the web, friends etc

  3. Great article. I hate that my mom and dad are always on me about my phone and tablet but they gave it to me. I shouldn’t be the one getting in trouble they should.

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