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Volunteer Reviews, or the New Blackmail?

forcing customers to leave reviews?

My family & I just returned from one of those Escape Room Adventures.
Our room organizer asked us to “like” them on FB before we even stepped into our room.
He also included that they would give us more “hints” if we followed them on Instagram!

What is that all about??

First of all, I don’t have FB & the people who did said they didn’t want to “like” something before they tried it.
Some businesses asking for reviews are behaving more like stalkers & treating it like bribery.

Companies do not understand that they are harassing us so badly & making us feel so uncomfortable that we will begin to leave complaining reviews based on the level of harassment from them.

My mother had her tire fixed & the serviceman from the dealership left her a desperate Voice Mail begging her to leave him a good review when his company gives her the follow-up call.
These people are abusing the review process.

We just had a toilet back up in our house & had to call a service center & the guy was only there 4 minutes & took out his iPad & asked my mom to go through 10 review questions & rate them.
We didn’t even have any work completed yet.

I could go on & on…

I completely understand that reviews are everything today, but Companies have to get a handle on how & when they go about asking us for reviews.

This is getting outta hand.
We really don’t want to have to leave a review for every little thing in life, leaving reviews are becoming a nightmare & they aren’t voluntary anymore.

They are becoming mandatory, threatening & a form of harassment.
Not a good way to get a nice review…

Companies/businesses better watch out before the reviews you are harassing us for bite you in the butt.

Stop acting so desperate.
Do good work & treat people nicely & your work will speak for itself.

There is a right way to ask us for a review.

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  1. Good post. The problems with reviews in the future could be that they are overused and
    abused. If that happens their value becomes diluted. When I buy online or do other things quite frequently
    I am sent a review page. At times it is ok but other times it is not necessary. I am also getting emails to review a companies
    customer service. I replied with two negative reviews last week and they never even responded to my issues.

  2. Reviews have become something we avoid today as you feel like they are asking for them just because they have to & not
    because they want to improve their business.

  3. Yes I am in total agreement with you,
    The review process started out nice
    But Now they became to overboard with it.
    Now they torture you with it so bad you
    Just want to say please just leave me alone.

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