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salomondrin genz influencers

This paragraph couldn’t be more true, “Generation Z has developed a strong emotional attachment to their YouTube superstars. Not because they are unusually talented. Not because they sing beautifully, or act skillfully. Not because they are extraordinarily pretty or handsome. And definitely not because a huge publicity machine tells teenagers that they should like the YouTube superstar. They have this emotional attachment because they can see people much like themselves. Often these people may be a ruder, cruder cardboard caricature of what they would like to be, but they are still a version of themselves”.

Im a kid exotic car enthusiast. I have been as long as I can remember.
Although I’m only 13, I have lived a pretty adult life. I get what they are saying in this paragraph above because My currently favorite youtube celebrity is, Salomondrin

Alejandro Salomon (Salomondrin) is a Millenial in his 30’s. But I can relate to him in so many ways; from his love of exotic cars to his entrepreneurial spirit & strong work ethic, to his love of a luxury lifestyle to his love of animals, and so many other qualities.
I’m not saying he is what I want to be when I grow up. I’m saying I find his life interesting & we share a lot of the same interest even though I’m only 13.
He holds my attention & keeps me coming back for more.

I even talked my mother into purchasing a pro membership from his website which gives you some content before he releases to the public. I couldn’t take hearing about what surprise his Pro-Members were going to receive when I wasn’t one of them.
These influencers know how to hold back the content to make you want to sign up to get membership content. They are marketing geniuses. Yes, he had to wait until he had like 500k followers to do so, but he is now trying everything in his power to create his own brand & monetize himself any way possible.
He charged something like $24 for the year. That is no money & almost a joke considering this man has a crew & has basically a daily vlog & more expenses than most can imagine it cost to keep his youtube social media business going. I’m sure he is hoping for a good quantity of his Toadys (followers) to purchase his inexpensive Pro-membership, as that is a way to monetize himself.

I can tell you this, when a Gen Z kid has a favorite youtube celebrity, their entire family knows exactly who they are as we are constantly shoving our phones in their faces & making our siblings & parents watch their videos. My baby-boomer dad even knows that salomondrin is my favorite youtuber, he calls him

My mother recently surprised me with a purchase of Salomondrin merch, a hat & tee shirt. I don’t even wear hats but I was celebrating when I opened that box!
More like chanting & making a fool of myself lol you can see it here as my mom videoed me & posted to my instagram 

The best part was, I also posted my merch on my SkysCars14 instagram & Salomondrin himself, not only liked my post he commented!

Yea, I know It sounds pretty crazy, but I’m over the top Happy!
This is Amazing!

I guess to an adult it would be like a Tom Cruise fan being contacted by Tom Cruise himself!

That is how I feel that Salomondrin commented on my post!
That is how gratifying and fulfilling it feels to have your favorite celebrity influencer like or make a comment on one of your Social media post…
This is something that just doesn’t happen every day.
I’m still in shock ?

This just goes to show, how much Generation Zers YouTube influencers mean to our generation.
Bottom line, they are our celebrities!

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  1. Very good and true post son. People like Sal are good role models for kids unlike
    some of the music, entertainment and athletes stars that some young people idolize.
    This has come about because You Tube is now competing with Television, radio and
    other forms of media that kids use. It allows far more people exposure to vast
    audiences. In the past Sal and others would have little change of people seeing them
    and whatever they do.

  2. Omg that’s great ?❣️
    My boys would need oxygen if their favorite YouTube stars contacted them ❣️❣️

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