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Sky Rota Wins Independent Authors Network Award!

One word: WoW!

The opposite of the movie:
“White Men Can’t Jump”
Well, “Dyslexics Can Write”!

In my book: The Gen Z Answer Key for Business” by Sky Rota
The go-to guide for marketing to Generation Z

I specifically say: “I’m not entering any young authors competition”!

Well, I didn’t enter the IAN (Independent Authors Network)
Someone must have entered my book; “Look Mom, Im the Dumest One in My Clas!” by Sky Rota  for me, as I just received a congratulations email that I was selected as a finalist in the “First Non-Fiction” category!
Did I mention I’m Dyslexic?!

I’m in shock!
I’m humbled & proud at the same time.

My book is a true story about my Dyslexic discovery in 4th grade & all the abuse & struggling that came with it & how I fought my way through & back to being on top!

My book is for every kid & person that ever struggled with a learning difference or disability which is what they label me!
Even if you just want to understand what a person or child goes through in school with an LD, my story is a no hold back version of how my life was.
I swear you will relate or at least it will help you to understand what some of us go through & there are also red flags for parents etc to help notice if they have a different learner. There are tons of us & we are the ones who think we are dumb!

Well, it turns out teacher M,
I’m NOT so dumb after All!!

I dedicate my Award & Gold Star to all my fellow different learners out there!
When I get to where I’m going, I’m gonna help raise as much awareness & give back to help kids & families who struggle with school because we don’t learn like everyone else!
We are the different one!
We are the Smart ones!
We are the Winners!

Who wants to be the same as everyone anyway!!


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  1. Nice job son! I have given maybe ten people your book. Every one
    said they enjoyed it immensely. You have come a long way. I am
    so proud of you!

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