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2 Reasons Generation Z is Getting Nothing For Christmas!

2 Reasons Generation Z is Getting Nothing For Christmas!


Not because we were bad kids and are all getting Cole.

It’s because we get what w e want, when we need it. Or when it actually


comes out.

Call of Duty WW2 was released on November 3rd & my friends & I all had it by the 5th. I was actually the last one to download it because my mother wanted me to put on my “Christmas list” & save to have something to download for Christmas.
It’s not like I’m opening it, I’m just downloading it.
What am I waiting for?

Christmas has changed for Generation Zers.

There isn’t anything for us to really open on Christmas morning anymore.
We don’t have tangible video games to open as we all download them today.
No more scratched & damage to the game discs.

However, my parents can’t come to terms with these changes.
They insist we put it on our Christmas List!”
What is the difference if you buy it for us now or in a month.
We want to play it now as it just came out & our friends are all playing it live on Xbox, Play Station etc.

My sisters already got their Mac Book Pros because their laptops were like 5 yrs old & broken down. They can’t wait till Christmas to get new ones. They need them for college to bring to class & do their work etc Laptops aren’t presents or luxuries anymore, they are necessities today.

No more waiting for birthdays or Christmas for generation z.

We will make a list of things we are maybe reaching for like a drone or an Apple Watch.
But video games, cell phones & laptops are not on generation Zs Christmas list.

We get them when we need them or when they are released.

My mother wants to know what will become of Christmas?
Will everyone just sit around & hand each other gift cards?

Or her famous sarcastic line, “we will sit around holding hands singing kumbaya!”

My mother says there will be like Zero presents under the tree from Santa!
She is Not happy!

I can tell you what Christmas means to me.
I am basically an only child as my big brother has been out of the house going on 6 years now. First at regular college & now in law school.
My twin sisters are currently Seniors in college.

Christmas to me means that my brother & sisters are coming home.
It means family time, having a full house again, playing basketball with my brother, making slime & hanging out torturing my sisters.
It doesn’t represent a time for receiving presents to me.

Christmas represents family, is that a bad thing?

I don’t think so…

Have what ever holiday you want & enjoy whatever it means to you.
It is an individual feeling & experience & if it’s something my parents don’t get, we will just add that to the list of the other 100 things they don’t get in our Generation Z world!

Happy Holidays to All!


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  1. One of your best posts son! Material gifts are only things. Sure they are nice but family is most important. Without family who love and
    care about you what do you have? Also, my dad always told me that the number one thing a person could want is good health.
    I try and take good care of myself. Yes many kids these days get presents as they need them like electronics, sneaks and more.
    We will still have things to open on Christmas! I am looking forward to everyone being home as well.

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