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5 Reason Luxury Designer Brands Will become Extinct!


wicked good cupcakes knows how about presentation
Wicked Good Cupcakes knows what’s up with presentation!

And one is NOT because Amazon is taking over the world!

The brands are doing it to themselves!

In my book, “The Gen Z Answer Key for Business” by Sky Rota The go-to guide for marketing to Generation Z I explain how much presentation matters especially in this Social Media posting & sharing world!

My Mother just received her very first Christmas shopping order from a top Luxury Designer; KateSpade. And the box was full of old crumpled up looking used tissue paper & the 2 wallets for my twin sisters Christmas presents were just thrown in the brown cardboard box with zero care of being protected. No designer boxes separating the wallets or wrapped in tissue paper beautifully & safely.


One of the wallets doesn’t even have tags on it.

My mother is freaking out and has every right to be. She actually thought this was a prank, that’s how bad the packing looked when she opened the box.

This is a $500 purchase of designer items that were presented like an order from 5 below.

Why are you luxury brands sabotaging your brand?
Why would you ship your products in this careless way?
It doesn’t matter how much the product cost, you should show how much you care about your presentation & attention to detail.

My mother emailed the company a scathing letter with pics included!
Btw, no reply to any of her 3 emails.
They dug their own grave!

If You put nothing into your business, you get nothing out of it!

Oh & today, you will get a negative post about it!!
Just like this one!
On a great note, the very next day we received Wicked Good Cupcakes 
My mother surprised me with this fantastic gift.

Their packaging was 100% better than the luxury designer packaging.

The cupcake jars were packed safely in styrofoam, they even included 6 spoons for the 6 individual cupcake jars.
And added a beautiful note card & their business postcard.

Wow, what a difference it makes when a company actually cares about their business!
Their passion & love show up in your box.

This was a $50.00 purchase compared to a $500.00 purchase.

Guess which one got the good post on Social Media?

The Mom & Pop startups are the ones who seem to care the most about building their brand with care & love.
They don’t even need to buy ads, they give us something we can’t wait to share/post!

It seems the old brands got comfortable & think they don’t have to try anymore.
They are sooo wrong!

To Wicked Good Cupcakes, not only do you make Wicked good Cupcakes, you package them with care & attention & make people want to share/post them to the world!
If you haven’t tried these, it’s time!
Keep up the fantastic work!

Sky enjoying wicked good cupcakesSky

This Post Has 5 Comments

  1. Great post Sky! You are 100% correct. The presentation could be has important as the
    product. People go to some restaurant due to the ambiance and not just the food which might
    only be ok. Some times when a brand makes too much money too fast they lose their
    attention to detail. Maybe do a post of major brands that are no longer here or who are
    failing. Sears, Circuit City, Woolworths, Borders. All mismanaged and did not change with the times.

  2. You are sooo right! It’s time for brands to start caring more today if they want to still be around or have a future!

  3. The presentation does really make you
    Enjoy opening the package even more so,
    They should want you to be amazed at the
    Extra effort they put into doing that.
    Also cupcakes sounded Great, any chance
    They come in gluten free? 🙂

  4. Hi Sky Rota,

    I saw you tweeting about games and I thought I’d check out your website. I really like it. Looks like Sky Rota has come a long way!

    Keep making great stuff!

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