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Kids Have Different Learning Styles, It’s time to Start Recognizing them!

kids have different learning styles embrace themThe way Schools are set up make different learners feel stupid!

We are NOT dumb,
we’re different.

However, if we learn differently we are considered an outcast & the dumb one in class. We are made to feel embarrassed & shamed for not “getting it!”.
Actually, not getting any subjects in any classes every day of the week.
School is a nightmare for us & only causes us anxiety, distress & depression…
Is that what you want to keep doing to your different learners?

How can you still be treating us this way?

School doesn’t have to be so hard!
It is almost 2018, why aren’t schools having a Wilson Certified reading teacher or a few in every school to help the struggling/different learners, learn how to read?

All kids deserve a chance to learn how to read!

I never got that chance until the end of 4th grade when I met my Wilson Reading Teacher, Mrs. Penny Moldofsky 
I always thought I was the dumb one in class because I couldn’t get reading or spell like everyone else!
Why aren’t you offering every child different ways to learn?

Not everyone learns from reading.
Some kids are visual learners like me.
Kids should have all these resources accessible to them!
Schools don’t need to pull them out of class or put them in Special Ed.

We need tools.

There are more kids walking in schools today with an IEP (individual education plan) than ever before.
Teachers contact me from all over the country telling me they have 23 kids in their classroom & 17 have an IEP. And what do I suggest that will help all their students be successful?!

Isn’t that telling you that it is Not the kids but the education system!
How we learn in schools has never been changed.
Yes, you added whiteboards & some schools gave kids an iPad or computer etc but that isn’t the answer.

We need to learn how to read!

You must hire teachers who can teach the different learners how to read the way they need to learn so they stop getting passed over & left behind & have anxiety & lower their self-esteem & make them feel dumb every day of their school life!

I have always said, “everyone can learn the way I need to learn, but I can’t learn the way they teach in schools!”

It is Not hard to teach us if you hire the right people & provide us with access to all the tools that are out there.

Why do we need an IEP?

Why can’t kids just tell you what works for them?
They know what works for them & holds their attention.
Schools need to actually be interested & listen.
Give them options!

Even the top private schools keep different learners out of their school because they do not know how to teach us! And they aren’t interested!
It’s their loss!

Don’t you think it’s time to Adopt Wilson Certified teachers to teach the other students how to read!

“There is NO one way to learn!”
There are multiple ways to learn.
At a very young age, you need to Offer the students different options.
They will find the ones that work for them!
We are moving faster & filtering content faster than you can imagine.
Stop punishing our youth for not being behind the times learners!
We are progressively engaged learners.
Start hiring interesting teachers that want to engage us & actually discuss topics with us & care if we “get it” or not!

Let your students use tools like:
Which offers over 1,000 short animated movies for students in grades K-12, it is used to engage students and assist teachers.
We learn from watching videos.
Do you have any idea how many students of all ages are different learners & don’t learn the way you are still teaching?
Do you know why schools aren’t accepting different learners in schools! Because of people like:
Cognitive scientist Daniel Willingham,
He was appointed by President Barack Obama to be a member of the National Board for Education Sciences, it is because of people like him that “don’t believe” in different learners! Which is why our education system won’t change!
I can bet you he is a book smart only man!
He has never struggled in school!
How ridiculous is it to think everyone learns the same & if we don’t all learn the same then we are not as Smart as others! That’s exactly what he concluded!
Really ??
Is he kidding me??
Who is the dumb one here?!

Offer students:
WYNN Wizard:

“WYNN is the innovative literacy software tool designed to enhance success for individuals with reading challenges and writing difficulties. WYNN was developed with the help of special educators and individuals with learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dysgraphia and aphasia.
By using a bi-modal approach – simultaneous highlighting of the text as it is spoken – WYNN transforms printed text into understandable information that benefits readers of all ages including English Language Learners (ELL), struggling readers and children with ADD (attention deficit disorder) or ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder).”
This software is a gift for different learners!

Every student on the planet should have a Learning Ally account!

Audio book technology.

There is Google read & write,
Which is Text-to-speech, to hear words, passages, or whole documents read aloud with easy-to-follow dual color highlighting!
Word prediction offers suggestions for the current or next word as you type.

These are what all schools on the planet should be offering all our students..

I could never attend school or learn without these tools in my arsenal!
Why can’t you offer them to all our students!

kids have different learning styles

Kids don’t need to hate school! No child should hate learning!

If you learn to treat us how we need to be treated & not make us feel like we are the dumb ones in class, I can promise you most of your students would use all of these software options & become interested engaged successful learners.
Please help our struggling learners not to struggle anymore.

I know that is my mission in life, when I am successful I will make sure schools are equipped with all the tools needed to include every kind of learner!
And for all you Student & future want-to-be teachers out there, you need to start getting certified in Wilson Reading because that is how different learners need to learn how to read!

No one is Ever going to make me feel dumb again for being different!

Stop treating our youths like they are the dumb ones in the class, when in fact the education system is the dumb One!

I am Proud to be a Different Learner! Let’s help all kids embrace their differences!

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  1. It is absurd that one would think all people learn in the same manner! Shame on him! He obviously never struggled in school or had a child that struggled or that would change his mind quickly!

  2. Great post.

    Sadly it comes down to money. The schools for many reasons, mostly mismanagement and waste,
    cannot even make it the way they are, let alone hire special or better teachers and offer more help to students who need it.
    I usually have ideas but none for this. If you were allowed to take what a school spends on each student and use it for
    special or private school tuition this could work but cities will not allow it.

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