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Your Customers WANT to TEXT your Customer Service!

GenZ want to text customer support

Shoppers are becoming more frustrated with their online shopping experience!

“As consumers become more experienced with online shopping, they’re shifting more of their holiday spend online and expecting better and better service from retailers”.

Businesses & brands think all they need is a strong online presence.

That is not the Answer.

Customers have questions & want the ability to text the website they are shopping from!

Why is it taking so long for businesses to understand that we want to text your website!

Not email, chat or god forbid have to call someone!

The Holiday season is here & there is no better time to get with the times & update your Customer interactions with a platform like!

Let us talk to you the way we communicate today, in text message form!

I don’t know a person who wouldn’t prefer to text a question to a website straight from their cell to a Live person on the site they are shopping on. Retailers need to wake up & update the way you communicate with your customers, or they will find another site that they can feel connected to in real time.

It’s almost 2018, Isn’t it time to actually welcome & answer your online customer’s questions through a text?

The answer is: YES!

Don’t be the last ones to understand how we want to communicate with you.

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    1. Wow, that’s huge coming from a Baby boomers mouth!
      Now maybe you will actually get a big enough phone that u can see the screen without squinting to death!

  1. I know I’m to busy to sit and call anyone & I don’t like that chat window! Every business & doctor should Offer text to communicate with their patients & customers!

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