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Boomers: The Coronavirus Nightmare Generation

They do NOT listen!!

Take it from me, my Dad is 62, he’s all Boomer, has a tech company & long hippy hair to prove it! 

And he refuses to “Stay in”!

My brother is an attorney and has tried consulting with him regarding his reckless behavior.

My identical twin sisters (soon to graduate RN school online) have been explaining to Our father that he is very vulnerable as he has “Comorbidities” that’s the new word in our house! “Comorbidity: the simultaneous presence of two chronic diseases or conditions in a patient.” 

My Dad is in complete denial of the risks he is placing himself in, not to mention others. 

What others are saying about their Boomer parents; 

“I was Literally fighting with my mom this morning about her a) going to Atlantic City last weekend; b) going to another casino via bus this weekend; and c) a cruise in April she refuses to cancel.”

“Convincing Boomer Parents to Take the Coronavirus Seriously”

Families talking to their Boomer parents: 

“I feel like the two of you are not taking  serious enough precautions right now,” I told them. “The time is DONE for going out to restaurants, showing up at the office every day, etc. Just stay inside and watch TV!”

This sounds so much like my siblings & my plea to our father as he is still going into the office daily. He says, no one is in the building but him. 

He’s not getting it! 

The role reversal is insane!

The Boomer Generation are like rebellious children of the 60’s.

These are the ones who are saying this is overblown & everyone is overreacting!

Why is it so hard to just stay home!!

I’ve heard it’s a normal part of the life cycle for adult children to start parenting their parents, but this is to much. 

A note to my Dad; We have all (By ALL, we mean the Entire World)  had to adjust to our new life where we can’t just keep doing all the things we want to!

Stay in!

Sky Rota

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