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Gen Z, The Coronavirus Generation

The game of Gen Z life has changed.. it’s no longer about our purchasing power.

genz dealing with coronovirus and quarantine

It’s about our Survival! 

“Generational Study suggests generations come of age by the cultural experience they all share during their developmental years.”

Does this mean we will all have “Social anxiety” when it’s time to come out of our coronavirus quarantine?

This is not like 911 for us.. most of us did not remember it. 

This pandemic will be remembered by all of Generation Z. 

We are the first generation that are school age kids during this viral war. 

Our high schoolers lost milestone experiences they will never get back.  

They missed Proms & High school Graduations, our 12th graders will more than likely not be walking for graduation. 

(No decision was made at the time this article was written) they will miss getting driving permits (me) and their drivers license at the age appropriate time.

I just received an evite for a 

Surprise Sweet 16 Zoom Party!

That’s not something you ever heard before!!

Do I dress up for this party? Send an e-gift card for a present? 

This is all new for us..and we are working it out, it’s what Gen Z does, we are the Flexible Generation, the ones who are used to daily change. 

We are the ones getting ready to be homeschooled via Zoom Communications. 

“Some schools are having children log in to Zoom sessions for face-to-face online lessons” 

The Coronavirus Pandemic is literally like nothing our parents or grandparents have ever experienced. 

All of our lives have been disrupted, put on hold, placed in limbo until a later date. 

None of us can see our friends or other family members. 

Our entire planet is living “Groundhog Day”:

“When you say that something “is like Groundhog Day,” however, the accepted meaning is “a situation in which events are or appear to be continually repeated”. 

My Mother literally quotes the movie  “Groundhog Day” every day since we went on quarantine!

What Gen zers are saying: 

“I’ve been doing what Gen Z does. I’ve adapted, I’ve overcome, and I’ve been on my phone too much.”

We have Coronavirus News 24/7 on like every single television channel, it’s all news all the time! The President is speaking to us like 5 times a day. 

We have a Coronavirus Task Force now!

My sister just asked me “what is America’s Capital?” lol as we have CNN News on and we are all just so sick of hearing news.

You kind of go deaf but half hear things so I guess my sister thought it was a New thing when they said “America’s Capital”  lol it didn’t sound like they were talking about Washington DC. 

Now breaking in they are saying we are going to try & share ventilators between 4 people, earlier today they said between 2 people. 

Life is so crazy & changing by the minute. 

We don’t want to keep the news on but it’s live History & there is nothing more interesting to watch. It’s like being in the making of a live ongoing movie with tons of twist, turns, new characters & on the edge of your seat Breaking News coming in at any time! 

This is like a live stream in real-time of life on our planet, where Life couldn’t be more scary and you have no idea how it turns out! 

You can’t google this ending! 

I can’t believe this has become our life.

Stay in!

Sky Rota

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