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Gen Zers, Kitchen Island turned Corona Mask Factory!

Wtf is going on today? 

Everyday I am seriously afraid to wake up, as each day it gets worse. 

This morning; Friday April 4, 2020 my kitchen island is now a “mask factory”! 

“The cloth face coverings recommended are not surgical masks or N95 respirators,””

The CDC now says all Americans should wear masks….

My Mother is a crafter from way back, so why wouldn’t she start making masks out of our old T-Shirts for our family. 

 I mean, this is great that she can do this, but is horrifying at the same time. 

I personally haven’t left our house past our driveway (where I only go out to play basketball with my brother) since we went on lockdown or probably a few days before.

I haven’t gone out since my last day of school which was Thursday, March 12th 2020.

It was a half day of school, we got out at 12pm. It’s 24 days today (I’m writing this post) that I have been in, it’s pretty insane. 

My Mother & sisters have gone out. They only leave the house to go to the grocery store like 1 time every 7 days.  When they go out they go out in 2’s. One drives & the other is like gloved up & masks on & ready to shop! 

It looks like they are going to a war zone because as my Mother says, “make pretend every single person you see has the Virus & stay clear!”

This was before they announced the same on the news. 

My mother says going food shopping is nerve wracking, she says, “in the beginning it was a feeling like you Smell or had “Cooties”, (no idea what that is but sounds bad). 

Because people started to keep their distance from you but not in a subtle way, it was in a totally rude way. We (my family) isn’t rude. We are the ones who go in stores & help people get things off shelves or find things, we are the friendly one. But that has all changed. Now, my mother says, you don’t make eye contact with anyone at stores. If you see another human up an isle you avoid the isle, sounds insane. 

Instagram posts are dead on with these descriptions; “going to grocery shop is like going out in a Zombie Apocalypse”, “turning the corner in a grocery store is like walking through a haunted house!” 

My Mom says if feels exactly this way. 

Now it has changed again…

All Americans are now required to wear some sort of masks when going out. People are wearing their homemade masks as there are none to buy & if there were, they all need to go to the medical professionals risking their lives on the front line for all of it is we are sending them into an invisible war with NO protection! (I’ll get to that in another post). 

My mother says now it’s even more frightening out there, (Acme, Rite-Aid) Since people are wearing homemade face/nose coverings lots of people look like bandits ready to hold up a bank as they are wearing scarfs as a covering. 

These are insane times! 

Now you get why my mom turned our kitchen into a mask factory, out of necessity..

I promise, I’m going to try to find something positive to post…there is some good in my house coming from this lockdown.. it’s just hard to see the good through all the crazy! 

Stay in,

Sky Rota 

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