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Coronavirus Quarantine? Gen Z was Made for this!

 We got this!

Generation Z has been raised on the internet, social media, video games & the sofa…

It’s our playground!

get it?

Staying inside is sadly our thing, or maybe life was preparing us for this quarantine thing all along….

That’s some stuff!! Lol

We were criticized for years regarding our staying in..labeling us Antisocial

& lonely etc 

“The loneliness of Generation Z reflects not just rising social media use but a broader decline in interactions with neighbors, co-workers and church friends.” 

But no one is complimenting us now, for being able to stay in the house during quarantine with plenty to do. 

(Not talking about those gen Z/millennial cut off age kids that are partying on Beaches during a Pandemic) they are just not good people. 

“The idea of self-quarantine is extremely scary for some. Especially those who are unaccustomed to couch surfing, working online, and video chatting. 

Generation Z, however, has been grooming for this situation for most of their lives”.

Generation Z are the “Social Distancing Experts”! We are way ahead of the curve where physical interactions are concerned! 

Our daily lives are filled with virtual connections. This may seem like the end of the world for our elders but for a generation that has grown up inside, it’s called life. 

All of a sudden our parents are the ones freaking out cause they can’t run around! 

We are living our regular lives! Nothing has changed for us, yet.

But it’s about to….

Live streaming/Zoom classrooms are about to begin and that should be hysterical & make content for tons of new memes! 

This is Totally new territory for our teachers who are about to live-stream themselves for the first time ever!  ?

Can you think of anything funnier?

This is going to be comedy mixed with tragedy gone wild! 

Can’t wait to see how this new chapter is going to look! 

Stay in!

Sky Rota 

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