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What Makes Generation Z Different?

Gen Z is being raised by Gen X parents.

Baby Boomers kids are Millennials. 

In order to get a better understanding of Gen Z, look who is raising them.

As My Gen X Mother would say, “Nobody cares or talks about her generation!” 

She was in between Baby-Boomers & Millennials. 

She reminds my siblings and I how hard her life was every day! 

They were the forgotten left home alone generation. 

The only key to their success is they gave birth to Generation Z! 

If you are trying to understand Gen Z just look at our parents! 

Gen X parents were the first kids to be left home alone while both their parents worked.

Divorce was becoming very common. 

Gen Xers were survivors & figured things out on their own. They took care of their younger siblings as there was no “aftercare” after school for them. 

No one was home to cook,  coddle or drive this generation to baseball practice or to the mall.

The microwave was their best friend! 

Their parents didn’t have much involvement with them or their personal/emotional needs. 

Generation X were independent, self-sufficient and had to grow up fast! 

Generation X is raising Generation Z with the same mentality. 

Generation X watched the decline of Blue Collar jobs. 

Therefore making sure they instilled to us that having a college degree was the most important asset for a successful career.

My Mother’s favorite line:

No Jobs!

You must have a “Career!”

Gen Zers are being raised to attend College in order to become successful. 

Yes, there were lots of Gen X entrepreneurs & family business. 

Just like the Generation Zers entrepreneurial spirit.

We also have a tougher skin than other generations as our Gen X parents are tough & don’t have the “everybody’s a winner/participation trophy’s for everyone” attitude. 

Gen Zers are old souls, they have seen & had access to more information than any other generation before them. 

Gen X parents purposely wanted to raise their kids based on their own upbringing. 

They didn’t want:

“Baby boomers are a bunch of self-indulgent narcissists, and their helicopter parenting transformed their millennial kids into entitled mini-mes.”

Bottom line, Our Gen X parents taught us that life isn’t easy & you must work hard, save your money for your future, be responsible, respectful, independent and take ownership for our actions & lives.  

Oh, and get to work ASAP! Lol 

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