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Gen Z in the Workplace:

Why does Location Matter?

Gen Z working remotely in cafe

People have always gone out to work.

Does that mean it’s the right way?

Or, the Only way??

Why can’t a new way be a good way.

Work is what we DO, Not a Place we have to Go!

Why should someone have to take a 2 hour train ride each way to get to an office job?

Isn’t that a total waste of time?

It is to me!

Why do you have to work 9 to 5?

Is that because back in the day that’s when the banks were open?

What did bank hours have to do with people working in offices?

I never understood why you can’t work when the time is right for you.

Why My Mother had to choose to stay home from work or make a choice to have someone else raise us?

Why couldn’t she do both?

Why couldn’t she work a different schedule?

Because there was no such thing as working remotely.

Yes, I understand lots of jobs & careers you must show up at a designated place in order to do that job.

But why do all the others need to be in offices?

My father is old & believes everyone should go to the office to work everyday.

Yet he interacts with no one. He stays locked in his office with just his assistant all day 5 days a week.

He doesn’t need to go to the office. He can work from home on his laptop or desk top!

But he is accustomed to going somewhere every single day!

That doesn’t make it right, that’s called a habit.

He also (loves snail mail).

What does that tell you about his age.

I don’t picture myself going into any office for 12 hours a day.

I can prob do most of my work on my phone from anywhere in the world, and I have!

I don’t need to pay for office space like my father.

He has an office building that is 70% unoccupied because all the younger generation employees choose to work remotely.

I will be able to have a family & actually be present in their life, not miss everything like my father.

I want work to revolve around me, Around my life. We all live the same lives.

Why do we have to take off of work to go to the Drs?

Why can’t we go in the daytime & do our work later. It doesn’t make sense.

All these years parents are using their vacation days to take their kids to the Drs. Or go to Drs for themselves.

That’s horrible!

Just because some old person like my father set this system up 1,000 years ago doesn’t mean we have to follow it forever.

We have technology that keeps us connected where ever we are.

Some things just don’t work anymore!

Moms aren’t home & trapped in watching the kids while dad gets to have the career. Moms can have a career & kids today.

We can work remotely at times that suit our lives.

This Old people office hours thing is the past!!

I believe the future will be flexible & we will have happier employees & lots of independent contractors.

We won’t have to spend our time & money for office clothes, parking, travel & day care.

And moreover, women can finally have it all & not have to be made to

feel guilty for having a career.

I personally don’t care if my assistant does her work after she puts her kids to bed at 7:30pm, as long as she gets the work done. We don’t go off the grid & have designated specific hours for work. We will return an email at 10pm. We don’t consider checking emails or dictating something while on vacation work. We are more open to the flexibility of our non-traditional work schedules so we don’t mind answering emails on a Saturday afternoon for an hour here & there.

We respect each other’s schedules & share them.

My assistant isn’t afraid to text me she will be at the pool or a party with her family on a Saturday in the Summer from 4 to 8pm so she won’t be around. That’s ok. She also knows I can’t answer a text while I’m at the gym or at school, Except for my 20 min lunch period. This is how we work today. We are in constant communication.

My father would never talk to an employee on a weekend!

When my father leaves his office on Friday afternoon, He goes ghost, off grid on weekends!

Yes, he checks emails but that’s it.

He doesn’t reply back till Monday morning!

That is Not OUR future!

Generation Z isn’t trying to work less. We are trying to work & have a life. We want to be involved with our children & be active partners in our marriages.

We hated that our fathers were only providers & never took us to a Drs appointment or stayed home when we were sick or took the dog to the vet or never met our dentist or visited our school.

Lots of our Mothers stayed home because the men’s jobs were the most important.

Thankfully, that’s not the case today!

Today we mix work/life together & it can work.

We can find a work/home balance & Generation Z won’t settle for anything less.

Sky Rota

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  1. This is so true! We are lucky to be born in this generation. The generations before us didn’t have all these opportunities. Thanks Sky ?

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