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Podcasts – Are Gen Zers Listening?

Podcasts – Are Gen Zers Listening?

We know that Podcasts are on the rise, but are Generation Zers listening?

Yes, the older part of Generation Z’ers (12 to 24yr olds) are listening to podcasts regularly.

We are a growing Podcast generation.

This isn’t surprising as GenZ is an audio/video generation. We aren’t always able to watch videos on our phones, but still able to listen to something, so we are tuning in to podcasts. We live a 100% Audio lifestyle, from our audio books, music, videos, to podcasts.

Hey marketers, now you know where to find us.. not that we want to hear any ads while listening to our podcasts, buts it’s inevitable.

Obviously, we don’t all tune in to the same platform to listen, there are so many options.

Where do gen Zers listen to Podcast? Apple Podcasts, Tunein, YouTube.

Some of the Podcasts we are listening to:

  • Congratulations with Chris D’Elia
  • The Joe Rogan Experience
  • Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard
  • Impaulsive with Logan Paul
  • Bad Examples w/Tracy DiMarco & Jessica Romano
  • Koncrete – Life For Sale
  • Daily show – Trever Noah
  • Planet Money

For our generation, Podcasts are, “the radio of yesterday”. Except, each podcast has its own unique superpower. Podcasts let us filter who & what we want to hear. We can choose to hear news, gaming, sports, music, religion, political, comedy etc Podcasts are a more youthful demographic that are less likely to listen to commercial radio.

I believe Podcast are here to stay & will continue to increase their Audio Audiences.

Sorry radio, nothing personal..

Sky Rota

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