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Hypebeast or Just Hype?

“1985 Air Jordan 1”

Brands are generating artificial scarcity by keeping supply below demand. 

The after-market sneaker business is a multi-billion dollar business, apps like “StockX” – Buy & Sell Authentic by StockX LLC & “GOAT” – Shop Sneakers by 1661, Inc. are doing better than anyone could have imagined.

I myself am guilty of copping quite a few drops at 10 am across 5 iPhones. 

Am I a Hypebeast?

Am I a SneakerHead?

Or am I just a sneaker lover?

I’m thinkin all the above. 

You can watch my video & make your own decision. 

The athlete/brand collaborations are insane & create a demand for everyone to have them.

The question is,

Are they Collectible? 

I personally wear ALL my sneakers, however, I just started collecting some that I think are collectible worthy.

My first; 

“Original Air Jordan 1”

Not too shabby!

Like other things people collect, we won’t know the value for years to come. 

I’m only 15 so I’ll keep you posted on what the future brings.

Sky Rota 

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