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The Art of a Complicated Collector.

The Art of a Complicated Collector.

What is a Collector?

Collector: “ a person who collects things of a specified type, professionally or as a hobby”.

I personally know a private collector that goes by the name, “Perfection”.

You can tell by his handle that his collections are most likely the best!

Why do I consider him a complicated collector?

I feel he is a complicated collector because he is far from your “average collector”.

Your average collector usually stays within certain monetary limits.

“Mr Perfection, breaks every rule of the “collecting code”!

One day he is bidding in an eBay auction for “Nut Birds” auction price $250.00.

The next day he is bidding for the sister painting to his “Coolidge, Dogs Playing Poker “ which is one of the most iconic paintings of all time (priceless), “Coolidge, Breach of Promise Suit”.

You see why I feel this collector is complicated, he is consistently inconsistent!

I guess when you are a collector of this magnitude rules don’t apply.

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