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Christmas 2017: Sharing Our Holiday in Posts, GenZ Style

Christmas Gen Z

I’m sure this Christmas was one of the biggest Postable Holidays yet!
Definition of Postable: Something worth showing off to the world!

Retailers should take advantage of all this Free voluntary Marketing of their products.
Did any offer us a coupon for posting a pic of their product or brand on Social media platforms??
I don’t think so..

Yet, we have been posting our presents day & night & that is all free advertising for them!
It’s time for retailers to wake up & see what marketing magic we have all created for you after the fact.
Our word of video & pic Mouth is spreading like wild fire.
We the people, are all influencers in our own way, for whatever demographic that’s following us!

My favorite pics & ultimate post besides my Yeezys & right after my Apple Watch is probably my back massager

However, my siblings & Family alone have tons of Top Brands to share by word of pic & video post!
Items like a Sixers jersey from FootLocker, My sisters Ted baker handbags & ugg moccasins,  Designer Shower Caps  and Wallets from Kate Spade.

My moms Lagos caviar bracelet & my dads new bathroom heater from

Omg, I can’t forget my fantastic golf cart heater from

The list goes on & on and we are just one family..

genz christmas
This is all free advertising for you companies.

Use this real content in your next campaigns!
We love to see real people wearing or using your products even in silly ways like me using my new back massager.
Just look at your companies #’s….
We, are the future of advertising!

I hope everyone had a safe, healthy & happy holiday❣️


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  1. Good idea! But if they gave a coupon how do they know you posted companies items?
    I think a company could create a page on their own site and have you post a photo there.
    BTW, You forgot to show the wrapping paper! That was such a neat and inexpensive gift.
    You also forgot your new ping pong paddles and the lesson book!

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