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Gen Zers are Watching Screens in Dark Mode

If you know me than you know I am Dyslexic & have ADHD. I also believe I have Irlen Syndrome: light sensitivity.

I suffer from severe light sensitivity.
Since I was a baby I wore sunglasses.
My mother said she noticed when I was actually an infant. She would bring me outside & I would cry & close my eyes.
So she put baby sunglasses on me & I left them on.
Most baby’s & young children won’t leave glasses on but I assume since they helped me I kept them on.
I have fantastic vision, actually superior vision. Most of the time when you are disabled at some things, you possess super strengths at other things I am learning disabled but I have crazy strong super strengths as well.

I am bringing this up because I watch my phone & other screens very dimly lit.
My mother always asks me; “how can you see that?”

Well, I have no trouble seeing my screens dimly lit.
Recently, I have been noticing that other kids watch their screens dimly lit as well.
I’m thinking that our eyes are being bothered by the brightly lit screens, so we dim them. We find what works for us.
YouTube now offers a “dark mode” for our phones How to Enable Dark Mode on YouTube

Or course I jumped right on it as that is how I like to keep my screens anyway.

I am NOT going to put any links from articles saying how Generation Zers have to much screen time etc & that is why our eyes are sensitive.
This is our life!
It’s Not going away.
Parents you need to stop limiting our screen time.
When will you get it through your heads we do Everything on our phones!

Being learning disable I use technology more than textbooks.
This is how our life is evolving from home/work to our classrooms.
We use screens for everything.

And NO, taking them away isn’t the answer.

I do believe the constant use of screen time brightness is making our eyes sensitive.
I believe we will adjust to this change in our evolution.
Our eyes will evolve along with our lifestyle & if not in order to ease our eyes we are creating dark mode on our screens that we seem to spend the most time on.

Regular websites do Not have to go dark mode.

I do suggest it for “streaming” sites/apps, anywhere that people are watching for a longer period of time, it’s just easier on our eyes.

If you play video games You will notice that they are created in a dark mode. YouTube is offering this option as well because it seems anywhere we are streaming content or playing games it is becoming a soothing necessity for our eyes.

So, Go Dark mode & Stream on..

Sky Rota

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